Tourism Spain can become successful in 2022

by Lorraine Williamson
tourism in Spain

MADRID – The tourist season for 2022 looks optimistic. On October 14, health experts and tour operators gathered at the Business Tourism Market to share hopeful scenarios for the coming year. However, there are some ifs and buts.  

The vast majority of those at the event are convinced that tourism will pick up in Spain in 2022. However, according to experts, there are two ‘ifs’ attached to this. Wearing face masks and achieving a high vaccination coverage are the two factors that will make the tourist season next year a great success or yet another disappointment. 

Health expert discusses conditions for successful 2022 

During the Business Tourism Market (BTM) in Lloret de Mar, representatives of tour operators and health experts spoke to each other about what the tourist season could look like in 2022. During this event, the head of infectious diseases of the Germans Trias i Pujol hospital in Barcelona spoke about the fact that the virus will not be defeated in 2022: 

“With the virus under control and hospitality industry restrictions coming to an end, it is important we let tourists know they can visit Spain safely. We do this by creating a clear picture of wearing face masks in indoor areas and vaccinating the elderly annually. Just as this target group will get the flu shot every year.” 

Baycrest Wealth

This doctor believes that the mouth cap will have to be used for the time being. Especially because of the interaction between young people and the elderly in Spain. Also extending the Covid certificate will be one of the things that will make safe tourism possible. 

Phase of fear and uncertainty for holiday Spain is over 

Tour operator representatives also shared their views during the event. For example, the chairman of travel agency ACAVE said that perception has changed; “we are past the phase of fear and uncertainty and it is clear that people are eager to travel again. We are already seeing this in the bookings for 2022, although the figures will not yet match those of 2019.” 

Employers’ organisation Confecat added that hotel owners also have good prospects for 2022 given the bookings that are pouring in. An association representative advised it will probably take longer to convince Asian tourists that Spain is a safe destination. However, the European tourist is clearly convinced that traveling to Spain in 2022 can take place without any problems. 


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