ERTE negotiation stymied by discrepancies within government

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The current ERTE program has only six days left in force. However, the Government’s negotiations with the social agents to renew it remain largely bogged down by internal discrepancies in the Executive.

These differences, according to the Ministry of Inclusion, have prevented reaching a consensus on a joint document that reflects the government’s position.

Yesterday, the meeting between the Government and the social agents ended without an agreement and with unions and employers pointing to a person in charge, Minister José Luis Escrivá. They criticised his department for not showing up to yesterday’s meeting when the pending issue required their presence.

Labour Ministry open to extension

Although there was progress yesterday, agreement depends on Escrivá. The Ministry of Labour, on the other hand, showed itself open to extending the period in which the counter will be applied to zero of social benefits.

The main point that remains to be resolved is the relationship between company bonuses and training courses.

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Cogesa Expats

Criticism of Escrivá came from all social agents. The absence of his ministry for CC.OO. it is a blockage and a lack of respect; for the UGT, it causes paralysis of the negotiations due to “the absence of a part of the Government”; and for the CEOE, it is incomprehensible and also disrespectful for the 84,000 companies and the more than 250,000 workers at ERTE.

SEPE not prepared

Shortly after, came the reaction of the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security. They passed the buck to their work colleagues. “The Ministry of Labour has not done the technical work and right now SEPE is not prepared for the extension of the ERTE, including training issues,” sources from the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security told La Vanguardia.

They also added, “we have been trying for several days to reach a consensus on a government document and it has been impossible due to their lack of technical work and because they have not wanted to meet bilaterally before.”

6 days of ERTE left

The current ERTE program has 6 days left in effect. La Vanguardia was told, SEPE is perfectly prepared for the extension and waiting for the training to take place. They also state it is customary to convene several meetings in the week prior to the final decision. They added they maintain an “excellent” relationship with the Ministry of Inclusion.

Company bonuses and training

In this negotiation, the main issue that remains to be resolved is the relationship between company bonuses and training courses. It is an idea very dear to Escrivá. However, he is running into opposition from unions and employers, who do not find it feasible in the immediate future. The counterproposal of CC.OO. and UGT is to establish this later.


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