El Gordo Spain Christmas €4 million lottery jackpot

by Lorraine Williamson
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Winners celebrated the jackpot of the Christmas lottery El Gordo on December 22. This means that a total of €2.4 billion euros will be distributed throughout Spain. Furthermore, the winning number 86148 is worth €4 million and was announced at 12.15 pm by primary school children. 

Millions of Spaniards and foreigners who recently bought one or more lottery tickets sat in front of the TV from 8.00 am on Wednesday to see where the jackpot would fall in Spain. In total, €2.4 billion will be distributed this year and there are thirteen major prizes; one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, two fourth prizes, and eight fifth prizes. 

How much is each ticket worth? 

The 2021 El Gordo results were announced on Wednesday and this year’s jackpot has fallen to lottery number 86148, the highest number in the history of the Christmas lottery. As mentioned, the first prize is worth €4 million. The second prize is for lot number 72119 with a value of €1.25 million. And, the third prize, worth half a million euros, went to lot number 19517. 

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In addition to these lottery numbers, money can also be won with fourth and fifth prizes for other lottery numbers. Buyers can also win money with lottery numbers that fall just above or below the winning lottery number. Furthermore, the Spanish newspaper El País provides a list with a complete overview of the winning lottery numbers and associated prizes. 

Prize money is available for three months 

Prizes could already be collected on December 22 after 6.00 pm. Although, winners have a maximum of three months, until March 22, 2022, to collect their prize money. However, if the prize is not collected, the ticket will expire and could end up with the Spanish tax authorities. 

Where in Spain did the biggest prizes fall? 

Most of the winning tickets – no fewer than 1,290 – were sold at the Atocha station in Madrid, which means that €516 million in prize money has most likely fallen in this region. Furthermore, the remaining winning tickets were purchased in Gran Canaria, where €16 million will be distributed, and €4 million will be distributed in Santoña (Cantabria) and Ayamonte (Huelva). 

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