Cruise ship passengers test positive for Covid-19

by Lorraine Williamson
cruise ship passengers

Dozens of passengers had to leave a cruise ship in Genoa, Italy, when they tested positive for COVID, on the MSC Grandiosa after leaving Marseille.

The cruise began on December 28 in Marseille with over 4,000 passengers and crew. And according to RaiNews24, more than 150 passengers tested positive.


“As per protocol, the COVID-positive passengers and their relatives were immediately isolated in balcony cabins and received medical attention,” MSC’s communications department said.

Forty-five of them were taken off the ship in Genoa “to be taken home safely” at the company’s expense, it added. Meanwhile, other passengers who tested positive were transferred to medical facilities or were kept in isolation.

More positive people then disembarked in the port of Civitavecchia. This serves Rome and Palermo.


A further fifteen passengers who tested positive for Covid were taken off the cruise ship when it docked in Palma yesterday (Friday). Eleven of those isolating in Palma are crew members and 4 Mallorcan passengers. The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) confirmed: “the MSC Grandiosa was not scheduled to disembark this Friday at the Port of Palma. It was an exceptional event”.

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At each port, any positive passengers will disembark and must follow the quarantine rules for the country. Any expenses incurred are seemingly covered by the ship insurance.


The ship docked at the port of Barcelona today (Saturday) where more passengers disembarked.

Cruise ship passengers Covid passport

Due to the pandemic, cruise lines were forced to stop activities. This only resumed last year. However, already, there has been a sharp increase in the number of positive cases due to the Omicron variant.

Before boarding, all passengers had to show a Covid passport or a negative test result in the case of minors. Tests were also carried out during the cruise.

Despite the outbreak, according to social media posts from passengers, people are still joining the ship.

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