Clubs in Ibiza start pilot test before July opening

by Lorraine Williamson
clubs in Ibiza

IBIZA – Clubs in Ibiza plan to do a pilot test between 15 and 30 June. This will indicate whether they can open safely from 1 July. The leisure activities association (AOI) has requested permission from the regional government to do so. 

The space where the pilot will take place is still being determined. According to Diario de Ibiza, AOI has asked the regional government for a roadmap for the de-escalation of the sector.  A ‘clear calendar’ of opening hours, capacity and preventive measures clubs and discotheques on the island must implement is required.

Proposals presented

The AOI presented the proposals to a committee on Thursday which was attended by Rubén Castro, director of the Balearic Institute for Safety and Health at Work (Ibassal); María Antonia Font Oliver, the General Director of Health and Participation and José Luis Benítez, manager of Ocio de Ibiza among others. 

Cogesa Expats

Pilot tests

Benítez voiced “concerns of employers and workers over the lack of definition” of the government in setting up a calendar for the opening of nightlife venues on the island. He stressed that other places in Spain and Europe have already made progress in this regard by applying pilot tests, while Ibiza, “where the most successful international leisure venues are”, remains passive in that regard. 

Reopening of clubs in Ibiza

The AOI president has also regretted that the companies could not open as early as June. This was the date they originally targeted. “It’s getting harder, but we are confident of a reopening in July,” he added. 



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