Climate protest welcomes cruise passengers in Ibiza

by Lorraine Williamson
cruise passengers

IBIZA – Extinction Rebellion has taken action in the port of Ibiza. The environmental group protested the arrival of 11,000 cruise passengers. The activists claim that cruise ships place a heavy burden on the environment. 

The organisation accuses the cruise industry of hypocrisy. According to Extinction Rebellion, the companies are promoting green initiatives but emitting more pollutants than ever. “They promise sustainability but continue to damage the environment,” a spokesperson said. 

Alarming figures 

In a press release, the group states that cruise ships are extremely polluting. By 2022, cruises in Europe will emit more sulfur than a billion cars combined. “The emissions are comparable to 50,000 flights from Paris to New York,” they explain. 

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Climate impact and social consequences 

The group also points to the broader impact. These ships contribute significantly to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases. In addition, many cruise companies operate under the flags of tax havens. This leads to fewer employee rights, lower salaries and relaxed environmental regulations. 

Increase in cruises to Ibiza 

The numbers don’t lie. The cruise ship fleet in Europe grew by 24% in 2022. In Ibiza, the growth was even 31.8%, with 145 arriving ships from April to September. “How can we explain energy savings at home if this waste continues?” the organisation wonders. 

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