Catalans not happy with Generalitat

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Catalans not happy with Generalitat

BARCELONA: There is little confidence among the vast majority of Catalans with the Generalitat. Many Catalans feel that the situation in Catalonia has deteriorated since 2017. This pessimism extends to expectations after the new elections scheduled for 14 February.

According to 80% of Catalans, their region has not improved since the last Generalitat took office in 2017. This is the main conclusion of the DYM survey for the Spanish news site The current government receives an average rating of 3.5 out of 10. The voters for Junts, ERC and left-leaning voters generally give a slightly higher rating, but the average does not exceed 5.1.

Catalonia has declined socially, politically and economically

From a social point of view, 89% of Catalans think the situation is worse now than it was four years ago. 83.7% claim politically the region has deteriorated and 73.6% believe the economic sitaution is worse than four years ago.  

Almost 61% of Catalans think no differently about the secession from Spain compared to four years ago. Residents who have a greater Catalanist sentiment, currently have a stronger sense of independence than in 2017. According to the survey, ‘the attacks on Catalonia and its independence’ and ‘the mismanagement of the Spanish government’ are the main reasons for this group’s strong feelings. 

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Catalans have little confidence in February elections

However, voters do not have high hopes for the upcoming elections on February 14. Just over 61% of Catalans believe these elections will not improve the political situation in Catalonia. More than 59% – and especially PSC and Ciudadanos voters – believe the political conflict must be addressed, with more unity among Catalans.

The date of the elections is to say the least special. The elections take place in the middle of the third corona wave. Something that the Supreme Court has had to make a preliminary ruling on. Almost 86% of Catalans claim the decision to hold the elections in February is motivated by political reasons.

Uncertainties about Catalonia elections

At the moment, almost 67% of Catalans say they will or probably will vote. A considerable contrast to the turnout of 80% in 2017. The main reason given is that over 70% of Catalans think that voting now is irresponsible given the health situation. Voting will largely take place remotely and by letter. The Generalitat claims that personal voting is possible with all necessary security measures in place.

Although preparations and the election campaign are in full swing, it still remains uncertain whether the elections will actually take place on February 14. The Justice Department will make a final decision on February 8th. 

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