Buy the best cavas for less than 5 euros at Spanish supermarket

by Lorraine Williamson

The Spanish Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analysed 18 sparkling white and rosé wines. 17 of them have the designation of origin Cava and 1 has the designation of origin Rioja.

The results of the OCU analysis show that sparkling wines from top brands are a good choice to accompany Christmas parties. They are quality wines, safe and good value for money that are widely available in supermarkets in Spain. And two of the wines tested are tasty and cost less than €5.

Very good cavas in terms of quality and safety

The results of the study are very good in terms of both quality and food safety. The applicable regulations were met in all cases. No traces of unnecessary additives, such as ascorbic acid, were found and the levels of alcohol, sugar, volatile acids and total acidity were within the established limits.

From €4.28 to €10.52 per bottle

The price overview shows a wide range, from €4.28 to €10.52 per bottle, with an average price of €7.49. To find them more easily and compare prices, you can use the free OCU Market app, which shows the prices of all types of food and products in the nearest supermarkets.

Less than 5 euros

Delicious cava for less than €5? It’s possible! These two cavas came out well in the test:

  • Bach Extrísimo Brut Nature: 85 points out of 100, average price of €4.75
  • Jaume Serra Brut Nature Reserva: 84 points out of 100, average price €4.28

These two cavas stand out for their good value for money, offering intense and balanced flavours at an affordable price. Both are brut nature cavas, meaning they have a residual sugar content of less than 3 grams per litre. This makes them ideal to accompany main dishes for the Christmas holidays, such as fish, seafood, cheese or marinades.

This is how to store cava

OCU recommends storing cava in a cool, dry place. And then refrigerate sufficiently in advance: the optimum temperature is 8ºC. Achieve that by putting the bottle in the fridge at least 4 hours before consumption. Then, once on the table, it should be kept cool in an ice bucket with ice and water. Salud!

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