Brits choose Mallorca as the No1 holiday destination

by Lorraine Williamson

MALLORCA – There are lots of ways to determine the best, most popular holiday location. Such as recommendations, internet searches, polls, number of flights available, or even the number of British Bars in the area.  However, Mallorca seems to be consistently at the top of the list for British holiday makers.

Something for everyone

It is not difficult to see why Mallorca is such a hit with the British.  There are beautiful beaches, fantastic mountains, and plenty of things for groups, families, or couples to do. Mallorca is not all just built-up tourist areas. Parts of the island are still quiet and peaceful. You can find fishing towns away from the crowds, natural parks, hiking areas, and quaint mountain villages. Mallorca can cater for everyone. And if you head out to rural areas, you can experience a completely different side to the popular tourist areas.

Germans prefer Greece this year

According to an online poll by newspaper, Majorca Daily Bulletin, 85% of those questioned said they preferred Mallorca over Greece.  However, due to coronavirus restrictions, Greece has attracted the British who have already decided to book for the summer. Greece is also the preferred destination for Germans this year as reported earlier.

Vaccine passport

Palma airport reported “The proposal that the Balearic islands would be a great place to pioneer the suggested Vaccination Passport system was made at a meeting with the national tourism minister Reyes Maroto and the Spanish secretary of state for tourism, Fernando Valdés. The Balearic government has apparently offered the Spanish government this proposal to experiment with the vaccination passport or certificate.

This would mean that the Balearics could once again be one of the first destinations to open to international tourism.  Mallorca, has the experience gained last year with the tourist pilot plan. The Balearic government has stated that they are committed to safe tourism for all those who come and who live on the islands. This is why they are so keen to develop some sort of health passport that will allow a good form of access control to the islands to those who have already been vaccinated against Covid-19.”

Cogesa Expats

The local government of Mallorca plans to have 70% of the island population vaccinated by the end of June. Infrastructure has been set up to make the goal realistic depending on vaccine availabilty.

Maroto has previously stated her support for a vaccination passport (or certificate) system.

UK road map out of lockdown

In a speech made today by UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he outlined his “corona road map out of lockdown”.  Each stage in the road map will be reviewed. But if infection rates remain low, the stay-at-home order will be lifted on March 29. Self-contained holidays within the UK could be permitted as early as April 12.

He was hopeful that international travel could be considered from May 17, with almost all restrictions lifted by June 21.

This looks hopeful for Mallorca and the rest of Spain.

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