British students granted access to Spanish Universities despite Brexit

by Lorraine Williamson
British students in Spanish universities

In a significant development following the aftermath of Brexit, an agreement has been reached between the United Kingdom and Spain, enabling British students to pursue higher education in Spanish universities.  

Despite the challenges posed by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, this post-Brexit agreement signals a positive step towards restoring educational opportunities for British students studying abroad.  

While the Brexit agreement has caused disruptions and uncertainties for Britons in terms of work, mobility, and studying abroad, this recent accord demonstrates the willingness of Spain to work collaboratively with the UK, mitigating the negative repercussions for both parties. Spain, while expressing discontent over Brexit, has chosen to engage in negotiations and find solutions that ensure continued access to education for British students. 

Under this agreement, students who have completed their education in the British system, including those attending British schools in Spain, will now have the opportunity to enrol in Spanish universities. This presents an exciting prospect for British students, who often seek the enriching experience of studying abroad to broaden their horizons, gain valuable skills, and explore alternative career prospects that may not be readily available in the UK. 

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Pivotal moment for educational cooperation between two nations 

The agreement, officially signed on Sunday by Spain’s Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegria, and the United Kingdom’s Ambassador in Madrid, Hugh Elliott, marks a pivotal moment for educational cooperation between the two nations. The special provisions outlined in the agreement open the doors for students who have been educated within the British system to benefit from the vast resources and facilities offered by Spanish universities. 

With over 70,000 students in Spain currently studying under the British educational system across more than 80 different schools, this agreement will have a significant impact on the educational landscape for both British expatriates and local residents alike. 

Ambassador Hugh Elliott is happy with the agreement 

Ambassador Hugh Elliott expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement, highlighting the positive future it holds for students. He stated, “Today, I had the honour of signing the agreement on the recognition of school qualifications with Pilar Alegria, which will facilitate access to university for our respective students. I look forward to finalising the signature next week with Joan Subirats, Spain’s Minister for Universities.” 

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