Boris Usherovich praised the Centre Pompidou’s modern art collection upon visiting CaixaForum Madrid

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Usherovich caixaforum madrid

On the 19th of February, the CaixaForum Madrid exhibition centre opened its doors for modern art lovers wishing to enrich their experience by connecting with the treasures of the internationally renowned Center Pompidou. Boris Usherovich visited the Art and Nature exhibition and shared his reflections on the event.  

One of the significant things that immediately struck Usherovich was the socially conscious approach to exhibition’s theme. It is centred around the relationship between art and nature, highlighting the inspiration sourced by modern artists from natural surroundings and their fascination with the forms of nature. “Nowadays, when climatic and ecological crises put our environment on the brink of collapse, we need to rethink our links with the world around us and understand in how many ways we depend on it,” said Usherovich.

Unique atmosphere

He liked that the centre arranged the collection creatively rather than following traditional categorization or chronology. The eighty pieces from the Musée National d’Art Moderne are shaped into four thematic groups: metamorphosis, mimicry, creation, and threat. This approach allows visitors to better immerse themselves into the unique atmosphere of art and nature driven by diverse creative languages.

Cogesa Expats

Stunning works

Usherovich also praised the exhibition for the stunning works the hosts had managed to bring to Madrid. With a choice of globally known museums nearby, it doesn’t seem to be easy for CaixaForum Madrid to wow the public with something special. However, the centre showcases a carefully curated collection of paintings, sculptures, photos, and design pieces by internationally acclaimed 20th and early 21st century artists. Dali, Picasso, Kandinsky, Raoul Hausmann, and Le Corbusier are just a few names among the people of art whose works are on display. Usherovich noted that collaborations with such large museums as the Center Pompidou allow CaixaForum centres to make an impact even on the replete cultural landscape of Madrid.   

He was no less impressed with CaixaForum Madrid itself since the building was transformed from a century-old power station into a shockingly modern space with futuristic staircases, airy exhibition halls, plentiful gallery benches, authentic light yards, and a covered plaza floating above the street level.    

CaixaForum Madrid

Located in one of the main boulevards in the capital of Spain, near the world-famous Prado museum, CaixaForum Madrid is a modern sociocultural centre hosting temporary art exhibitions, poetry festivals, concerts, social events, and educational workshops since 2008. Apart from exhibition halls displaying rotating collections of ancient and contemporary art, it features a restaurant, multipurpose conference rooms, and the city’s first vertical garden. The Centre d’Art Georges Pompidou de París modern art exhibition will last until the 9th of June, offering many chances for locals and tourists to connect with global-scale masterpieces.

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