Bomb threat on A Coruña plane

by Lorraine Williamson
A Coruña incident - stock image of a Volotea aircraft

GALICIA – A Coruña Airport activated its emergency plan this morning due to a bomb threat on the Bilbao to A Coruña flight operated by Volotea.

On landing, the passengers were evacuated, and the aircraft was moved to a remote parking lot some distance from the terminal.

News of the bomb threat at the Galician airport, formerly known as Alvedro airport was Tweeted by Airport management company, AENA.

Checks carried out

The Guardia Civil were prompt in their attendance, and after carrying out their checks, confirmed it was a false alert.

Cogesa Expats

AENA pointed out the airport remained operational at all times.

Police dogs trained to detect explosives

According to the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, the threat was alerted just before the aircraft landed at 7.25 am. There were 105 passengers and 6 crew members travelling on the plane. A large police presence was waiting on the tarmac for the plane to land. Passengers were made to disembark but to leave all luggage behind until the relevant safety checks had been carried out. This was done with the help of police dogs, trained in the detection of explosives.

Fake threat

Some hours later, the police confirmed it had been a false alarm and no explosive device had been located.

The Emergency Plan has now been deactivated.

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