Benidorm applies for EU funds with a sustainable proposal

by Lorraine Williamson
sustainable Benidorm

BENIDORM – Artificial dunes to protect beaches against climate change, solar panels above parking lots and stimulating electric mobility are some of the sustainable proposals in the municipality’s “Green Benidorm” plan. 

The project was presented on Thursday under the name “Verde Benidorm”. With this, the municipality hopes to raise €7.5 million from the Next Generation funds of the European Union. The proposal is a response to the 2023 extraordinary call on tourism sustainability plans writes. 

The document lists 16 actions related to sustainability, energy efficiency or improving competitiveness. it is anticipated the plans would be implemented between the years 2024 and 2026. Furthermore, all are 100% funded by the EU if approved. 

Artificial dunes 

The construction of an artificial dune is one of the most striking actions. This would be built next to the Poniente promenade and at other sensitive points such as river and drainage estuaries. The artificial dunes should form an additional barrier to prevent the loss of sand due to bad weather and serve as a protection element against climate change. 

Electric mobility 

Another proposal is the Benidorm Electric Mobility Plan (MOVELE). This should provide for the installation of dozens of charging points in all parts of the city; solar panels above the park-and-ride parking lots and the rehabilitation of the decorative lighting on the Paseo de Levante. 

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Digital transition 

Another plan concerns the digital transition. This includes a digital notebook for travellers and various augmented reality applications at the tourist office. Moreover, these initiatives tie in with the ‘Benidorm Land’ project in the metaverse, where Benidorm has been active for some time. 

The largest investment, however, is needed for the rehabilitation of the tourist offices in the centre; the construction of the planned camping and multi-adventure zone in the Parque de la Séquia Mare; the establishment of a new tourism offer ‘care lab’, related to health tourism; certification and training in sustainability and some other actions to make the city more sustainable. 

The third sustainability plan for the city 

During the presentation, Mayor Toni Pérez emphasised the importance that his municipality attaches to sustainability. In doing so, he referred to the “roadmap that has been drawn up” by his city council. “Since 2015, we have thought of attending as many calls as possible to access European funds”. Consequently, this approach seems to be paying off. Moreover, it would be the third time the city has received funding from tourism sustainability plans. The first two were “Benidorm DTI + Seguro” and “Benidorm Vision 360”, whose proposals have already been implemented or are in progress. 

According to the mayor, Benidorm can only be the best destination if it is the best city to live in. Therefore, all projects included in the latest plan aim to improve citizens’ quality of life. 

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