Benidorm enters the metaverse to attract younger generation

by Lorraine Williamson
Benidorm metaverse -

BENIDORM – One of the most touristic coastal towns in Spain is taking its first steps in the new virtual universe metaverse. Furthermore, Benidorm does that with a platform aimed at gamers. 

Anyone who is concerned with the future and interested in technological developments already knows about the existence of the metaverse*. This virtual universe raises as many expectations as doubts among more and more individuals, companies, and institutions. 

However, the municipality of Benidorm did not want to wait any longer before taking the plunge. Therefore, you will soon be able to visit this leading tourist destination virtually through a new platform aimed at gamers. 

The beaches of Levante and Poniente, the vantage point that protrudes far into the sea, the aerial views of the skyscrapers, and the features of the city can be viewed from a drone view and with the new perspectives offered by new technologies. This way you can get a good impression of the city before you decide to visit. 

Benidorm Land 

Benidorm Land is in the new SIX3D metaverse and the ambition is to expand it into a broader goal aimed at all audiences. Also, in the virtual world, visitors can interact with digital objects and their own avatars, Visit Benidorm announced. 


“It’s a showcase of the destination, like a website (a term we’re all familiar with). But it allows users to roam the streets and in the future even explore theme parks, hotels, restaurants…” said Visit Benidorm. 

Cogesa Expats

Benidorm Land is designed to extend the pre-trip experience, in a completely “immersive” way. The municipality is now promoting this experience via the web and social networks. They describe the tour of Benidorm Land as follows: “Walk, fly over the Castell, descend the steps to the Replaceta to see the city even from the sea where only a drone can lead to this view”. 

A visit to virtual Benidorm only requires a computer or virtual reality glasses. Both technologies are within everyone’s reach these days. Although in the video below, you will get an impression of Benidorm Land. 

Nearest potential market for tourists 

Visit Benidorm assumes that the gamers, the “Z and Alpha generations” are the closest potential market to the city. The youngest players turn into the “tourists of the future” in just a few years. “We’re talking about an opportunity to reach more than 140 million users on Steam, the gaming platform where the SIX3D metaverse will launch in May.” 

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*The metaverse is an online network of virtual three-dimensional worlds. The user or visitor of the metaverse gets a sense of individual presence (whether or not represented by an avatar) and spatial awareness. 

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