Again mass mobilization in Madrid against amnesty law

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MADRID – Under the rallying cry “Not in our name: no amnesty, no self-determination. For freedom, unity, and equality!”, a new mass mobilization took place in Madrid on Saturday, November 18.   

The demonstration, organized by over a hundred civil society organizations, followed just a day after Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez was sworn in as the Prime Minister. It targeted the proposed amnesty for independence politicians and the PSOE’s agreements with Junts and ERC.

Diverse Speakers Rally the Crowd

The protest drew a significant turnout, with the organizers claiming almost a million participants, while the government estimated the number at 170,000. Eminent Spanish figures like Professor Félix Ovejero, writers Andrés Trapiello and Conchita Martín, and philosopher Fernando Savater addressed the crowd. Plaza de Cibeles was adorned with Spanish flags and echoed with chants of “Sánchez, resign” and “Spain is not for sale”. The event was endorsed by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of the Popular Party, and Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox.

Further Actions and Political Reactions

Following the Cibeles mass mobilization, about 3,000 demonstrators headed towards the Socialist party office on Calle Ferraz. Once there, they were chanting “To Moncloa, to Moncloa”, referencing the government’s headquarters. The recent protests, sparked by the PSOE-Junts pact including amnesty for those involved in the Catalan independence process, have been marked by occasional violent incidents.

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Feijóo, of the Popular Party, accused Sánchez of “erecting walls” in Spanish society and “humiliating” the country. Herewith, he labelled the new legislature a “fraud” and “lie”. Abascal, Vox’s leader, criticized Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska for the violence during the protests and for criminalizing the demonstrations.

The crowd was especially moved by Alejo Vidal-Quadras. This politician, recovering from a recent attack where he was shot in the face, strongly criticized the government. Consequently, Vidal-Quadras accused it of turning electoral opponents into enemies and undermining constitutional consensus.

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