5G internet connection will soon be possible while flying

by Lorraine Williamson
5G while flying
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MADRID – Flying to Spain may soon become a lot more pleasant for many: The EU is going to install new 5G antennas in planes so that passengers can connect to the internet. Watch a movie or chat with those at home while flying without any problems… 

That means users can say goodbye to aeroplane mode on flights. One of the travel restrictions that bothers many people is putting electronic devices in “aeroplane mode” before takeoff. The measure is implemented to prevent interference on board. But the days are numbered. 

5G on your device while flying

New technologies will allow airlines to have 5G antennas on their planes. For these reasons and according to Bloomberg, the European Commission (EC) has amended the legislation. Therefore, any electronic device (mobiles, laptops, tablets) can be connected in the air in the same way as on land. 

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, stressed that “the sky is no longer literally the limit” when it comes to high-speed, high-capacity connections. He also assured that “5G will provide innovative services for people and growth opportunities for European businesses will make possible”. 

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Thanks to this new connection, 5G-compatible devices can connect via SMS, calls and the internet. Airlines already offer Wi-Fi on their planes. However, in some cases, the connectivity does not provide a true connection to the Internet, as it is a local area network delivering content stored on the aircraft’s servers. 

Meanwhile, in other cases, it does provide a real internet connection and you can consult websites but not receive calls or messages. 

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