Winter sports season in Spain opens

by Lorraine Williamson
winter sports season

Winter sports enthusiasts in Spain were able to enjoy the start of the season during the last weekend of November on a number of ski slopes. Last week’s snowfall, artificial snow cannons, and the efforts of the slope preparers contributed to an early opening of the ski season in Sierra Nevada (Andalucia) and Valle Laciana Leitariegos (León). 

Sierra Nevada 

Yesterday, Sierra Nevada enjoyed their third-best opening day in 20 years as 4,200 skiers, snowboarders, and visitors came to the resort. Good news for Europe’s southernmost ski resort, which lies at the foot of the city of Granada in Andalucia.  

The pandemic caused two years of ‘black’. Skiers and tourists did not hesitate to come to the ski resort, which led to the historically exceptional figures. Apart from the face mask, there are no additional coronas measures in force in the area.  

More peak days expected in December  

Saturday 27 November 2021 saw the third-highest number of skiers on an opening day in its history. Furthermore, the results were surprising since the start of the season fell even in the month of November. The current hotel occupancy rate of around 50% is expected to rise even further, with the extra-long weekend in December. El Puente de Diciembre is just around the corner; Monday 6 December is el día de la Constitución (Constitution Day). And Wednesday 8 December is el día de la Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception). 

Cogesa Expats

Snowfall and snow cannons good for skiing fun 

Also, the weather conditions have been favourable in recent weeks, and snow has fallen in several places in Spain. Furthermore, on the first day, 11 pistes were opened in the areas of Borreguiles and El Río. And it was possible to descend 925 metres. The skiers were transported to the slopes via the six open lifts. Moreover, some areas had between 20 and 40 centimetres of powder-quality snow. This was due to the 77 artificial snow cannons, which are still running at full speed, and thanks to the aforementioned recent snowfall.  Furthermore, the temperature is still around three degrees in the ski village of Pradollano, which is also good news for the ski resort.  

Will this be the best season ever in Sierra Nevada? 

The ski resort seems to be heading for a record pre-sale. This could exceed the best result ever in the history of Sierra Nevada by 38%, reports cable car operator Cetursa. Furthermore, the figures show a doubling compared to the years 2016 and 2017.  

Winter sports season in northern Spain 

In the province of Leon, in the ski resort Valle Laciana Leitariegos, skiing and snowboarding also started for the first time this year on Sunday. Moreover, if everything goes according to plan, the San Isidro station will be opened in the course of next week. The slopes in Valle Laciana Leotariego were prepared on Saturday. It was a tough job to prepare the slopes during the snowfall. The Valle Laciana Leitariegos resort opened to the public on Sunday. Winter sports enthusiasts could enjoy almost three kilometres of snow, spread over five pistes (of the 13 in the resort) and a total of four lifts. Other ski resorts in Spain will undoubtedly follow soon. 

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