What a difference a WEEK makes – the tourists are back!

by Lorraine Williamson
The tourists are back - photo by Your man in Mallorca

PALMA – Since the Balearics were promoted to Britain’s green list last week, and the tourists are back, it has been absolute pandemonium here in Mallorca.

Hotels, bars, and businesses of ALL SORTS rush to bag their share of the tourist spend. Euros are now rolling over the island like an economic tsunami.

Shuttle buses

From early morning until late at night aircraft can be seen on the traditional flightpaths. Spaced at two-minute intervals, they lead to Son San Juan airport in Palma. For the first time in MONTHS the airport to resort shuttle buses seem to be everywhere. They drop keen and expectant tourists at their hotel accommodation.

the tourists are back in Mallorca

Rest assured readers…it is happening – the tourists are back! Hotels which were dusty and drab looking just over a week ago are now shining like new pins. And smartly turned-out staff literally run between the tables to enthusiastically fulfil customers’ orders (while no doubt hoping for a good gratuity).

Tour boats

the tourists are back


Long redundant tour boats are again making an appearance to whisk families off to secluded beaches and places of interest. And more and more yachts (some of them super…and some of them SUPER DUPER) are anchoring up for leisure in the sandy bays in the southwest of the island.


Euro 2020

Furthermore, there is NO doubt that good runs by Spain and England in the EUROs stimulated trade in the bars. As a result many restaurants are now advising patrons secure their booking by telephone in advance to avoid disappointment.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Although the amended entry requirements are causing SOME confusion, the vast majority seem to be coping well. And reports say that overall, there have only been minor delays in clearing the airport.

“We would have walked over broken glass”

I spoke to Elisha from Belfast who was one of an all-female party of fifteen from Belfast. She told me, “We would have walked over broken glass and submitted to every test available to ensure we got here for the sun, rest and nightlife. We are going to enjoy ourselves, but we will make sure we do it safely for ourselves and others”.

Open for business

So, there you have it! Our lovely and very welcoming island is open for business again!

Summer 2021….It’s coming home!

Hasta luego,


Your man in Mallorca

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