Weather alert arrival of a DANA in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
large hailstones

MADRID – The Spanish weather service AEMET is warning of a DANA (high-level isolated depression) that will hit the country in the last days of July. This DANA is accompanied by a brief drop in temperatures in parts of the country. 

Temperatures will be lower than normal for this time of year in most parts of the country, with the exception of the Mediterranean and islands. Although little rain is expected, showers could fall in the Cantabrian area and storms may form locally. 

Wind gusts and showers in the northeast 

This DANA will mainly affect the northeast of the Spanish peninsula in the regions of Catalonia and Aragon in the next 48 hours. The phenomenon will lead to an increase in atmospheric instability, resulting in the formation of clouds in the interior of the northern and eastern half of the peninsula from midday. 

These clouds could bring heavy rains and storms, especially in the Pyrenees, Navarra, northern Aragon and Catalonia. In addition, dry storms might occur in other parts of the north with little precipitation but strong gusts of wind. 

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Large hailstones 

AEMET has activated an orange alert (major risk) for the provinces of Huesca and Lleida due to storms that could bring large hailstones and very strong gusts of wind. In addition, a yellow alert has been issued for possible severe storms in the provinces of Segovia, Soria, Burgos, Álava, Zaragoza, Teruel, as well as Navarra and La Rioja.

Then, at the beginning of August, the weather will become stable and higher-than-normal temperatures for the time of year are expected. 

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