Water company Costa del Sol will reduce water pressure from Wednesday

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To meet the maximum water consumption per inhabitant per day of 160 litres, the public water company Acosol will reduce the water pressure from Wednesday 21 February.

The western Costa del Sol has been in a situation of “exceptional drought and severe shortages” since the end of October last year. Acosol regulates the water supply on the western Costa del Sol. The measure of a maximum of 160 litres of water per inhabitant per day applies to the entire province of Málaga. After consultation with the municipalities, the pressure reduction will be introduced from Wednesday between midnight and 6.00 am on all days of the week, except Saturday.

Which municipalities will experience a reduction in water pressure?

Acosol supplies water to 11 municipalities. This means that the following municipalities will experience lower water pressure: Torremolinos (although a large part receives water from the aquifers of the Sierra de Mijas), Benalmádena, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Ojén, Istán, Benahavís, Manilva and Casares .

Consequences for the higher residential buildings

The savings measure mainly has consequences for the higher residential buildings. If these blocks are also located in higher parts of the municipalities, they will notice more of the pressure reduction. This is especially true for buildings without a water reservoir or those that do not have their re-pumping systems in order. Then the reduction in pressure can even result in complete shut-off of the water during the night hours.

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Saving up to 5 cubic hectometres

The aim of this measure is to reserve 5 cubic hectometres in the La Concepción reservoir for the autumn. That water reservoir between Marbella and Istán is the main water source for the Costa del Sol. If nothing changes, the current simulation leaves it at 0.88 cubic hectometres after the summer. Major efforts are therefore required to limit use. People talk about savings of more than 56% in the summer months.

What are the further savings measures?

The public water company asks for “maximum cooperation from citizens” to save water in every home. It urgently appeals to “awareness of the importance of water conservation. We must preserve this precious and vital resource for as long as possible.” Everyone must adhere to the following prohibitions:

  • Watering public and private parks and gardens with drinking water
  • Watering golf courses
  • Cleaning both public and private spaces
  • Filling and topping up of swimming pools (except exceptional permissions granted by the drought committee)
  • Cleaning of vehicles (except in authorised establishments)
  • Fountains and ponds without a closed water circuit
  • Public showers and fountains.

What is the regional government doing?

Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, has announced that the Andalucian government has invested a total of €400 million. That money is used to counter the effects of water shortages. They are also working hard to develop water solutions for Málaga. The president emphasised that Málaga is one of the most drought-affected provinces in Spain. However, thanks to these investments, progress has been made on important projects such as the Autovía del Agua. This water highway will ensure the transfer of water between the capital of Malaga and the western Costa del Sol. Furthermore, improvements are being made to the water supply and wastewater treatment and work is being done to restore watercourses.

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