UPDATE – Fire confirmed in the Pujerra municipality moves to level 2

by Lorraine Williamson
Pujerra fire

ANDALUCIA – As Tweeted by INFOCA, a fire was declared at 3.19 pm in the municipality of Pujerra. Then, at 5.05 pm Carmen Casero, acting delegate of the Junta de Andalucia activated level 1 of the Emergency Plan for Forest Fires. However, in the last hour, the advisor of @InteriorJunta @eliasbendodo has declared level 2 of the Plan of #Emergencias as the strong winds continue.

Today, temperatures in the area reached up to around 40 degrees. And there was a strong off-shore wind with gusts of up to 40 km/h. Furthermore, it is expected this will continue until around 10.00 pm this evening.

At the scene

The La Resinera area is inaccessible by land. However, currently, there are 140 firefighters on the land supported by 6 fire trucks, and 15 aerial units. Included in this are 6 transport and firefighting helicopters, 2 Super Pumas, 2 Kamov helicopters, 2 cargo planes on the ground, and one co-ordination plane for observation and image transmission have been deployed to the area. Two amphibian planes are also flying from Torrejón towards the fire.

view of Pujerra fire from San Pedro

A Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Unit (UMMT), a medicalised unit (UMIF) and an Advanced Fire Analysis and Monitoring Unit (Unasif) have also joined the operation.

As you can see from the image, smoke can be seen as far away as Marbella.


Emergencias 112 have confirmed by Twitter that 60 people have been evacuated from the Montemayor urbanisation of Benahavís, Málaga. Furthermore, the Benahavís sports centre has been set up as a hostel for temporary accommodation. At this stage, this is for prevention purposes only due to the fire that broke out in the municipality of Pujerra.

Sierra Bemeja again

President of Andalucia, Juanma Moreno Tweeted “We have activated Level 1 by #IFPujerra in Malaga. It hurts that the fire affects Sierra Bermeja again. The priority now is to contain its advance. A lot of strength to the troops of INFOCA and E112Andalucia.

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