Sierra Bermeja forest fire almost extinguished

by Lorraine Williamson
firefighters still working to have the fire extinguished -

ESTEPONA – The fire in Sierra Bermeja, which was probably started on September 8, “is getting closer” to being extinguished. It concerns “a very complicated fire, of the sixth generation, which makes this very complex”. 

So said Elias Bendodo, Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration, and Interior of Andalucia. The fire has been under control since September 14. However, that does not mean the fire has been completely extinguished. Bendodo told journalists in Málaga that it will be “a matter of days” to consider the fire extinguished. He reminded them that this move is still dependent on “many circumstances”. Firstly, the steepness and difficult accessibility of the terrain. And secondly, the meteorological conditions. Moreover, several troops of the Infoca forest firefighting service are still working in the area. 

As Infoca reported to Europa Press, three fire extinguishers, 25 forest firefighters and an environmental officer are currently still conducting firefighting operations. The fire, classified as sixth-generation due to its properties, has destroyed almost 10,000 hectares. This is according to the preliminary measurement carried out. In addition, more than 2,600 people were evacuated from eight municipalities in the province of Malaga in the Sierra Bermeja and Genal Valley. 

Search for perpetrator in full swing in secret 

Meanwhile, a secret search is underway for the perpetrator or perpetrators who, according to the first investigations, started the fire in 2 places on 8 September. The secrecy imposed on Thursday by the judge in Ronda and at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is intended to “prevent any leak that could frustrate the successful conclusion of the investigation”. The investigation is being conducted by the Nature Conservation Service (Seprona) of the Guardia Civil. 

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