Unusual holiday accommodations surge in popularity on the Canary Islands

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What about two sleeping bags and a cool box in a car, advertised as staying in a “practical and functional vehicle”, or staying in a camper parked in a job plantation? The number of somewhat strange holiday accommodations on offer in the Canary Islands is increasing exponentially.

These unconventional holiday accommodations are often presented as a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature, or as an original stay. The creativity of providers often knows no bounds. However, thanks to increased prices for more conventional accommodation and greater demand, they are attracting more and more tourists. This is despite not complying with the 2015 Canary Islands holiday rental legislation.

Five stars

A striking example is the advertisement in Santa Cruz de Tenerife mentioned in the introduction. It offers a “practical and functional vehicle”, while in reality it is an ordinary car with two sleeping bags and a cool box. The photos show beautiful landscapes, wide beaches and the car next to an open-air shelter. Despite not having basic amenities such as a kitchen or a bathroom, this accommodation receives five stars from users from countries such as Finland, Austria, Germany and Italy, according to the regional newspaper La Provincia. “Exactly what we expected for a fair price,” reads one of the many rave reviews.

Yurts and garden houses

In Güímar, amid greenhouses and farmland, an advertisement offers a yurt. That is a traditional nomad tent from Central Asia, on an organic farm. The yurt is furnished with a mattress on pallets, a table and a chair, but lacks essential amenities. A shower is located outside, among the banana plants, and according to the host it offers a “unique experience under the stars.” The rating of this accommodation is almost perfect with 4.95 stars and positive comments on the peace and harmony of the location.

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Sleeping in a van

Another unusual holiday accommodation comes from a report by Radio Televisión Canaria. A holiday home is housed there in a van. The bus, called a ‘honeymoon bus’, parked on a terrace, has an outdoor kitchen with a gas stove and a simple bathroom. Although the van is not lockable, guests appreciate the comfortable beds and quiet environment. This receives an average rating of 4.83 stars.

Holiday homes on the water

In addition to the nature experiences on land, there are also more and more holiday homes on the water. Due to increasing tourist pressure and rising rental prices, boats are also offered as holiday accommodation. These floating apartments, often located on private jetties, fall outside the current regulations of the Canary Islands Tourism Act. They are equipped with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and cost up to €270 per night. Although they are not regulated, they do score high ratings on booking websites.

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