Holiday rental is the cheapest in these Spanish regions and islands

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The demand for holiday rentals is enormous in Spain. The number of tourists choosing the country as a holiday destination is increasing every year. This rising demand also means rising prices in many places in Spain. With an average rental price of €176, a one-night stay in Spain has become 2% more expensive compared to last year. But where in Spain are holiday accommodations the cheapest?

Rental platform Holidu figured it out. Particularly interesting for budget-conscious travellers is that there are still plenty of areas in Spain where holiday rentals are affordable. And there are also beautiful regions that have a lot to offer in all areas. Extremadura, for example, has an average nightly price of only €115. The nature in this region is beautiful and even though you are far from the coast, the region is known for its many natural waters in the form of lakes, pools and rivers. World Heritage cities such as Cáceres, Mérida and Trujillo also offer culture lovers a lot and are not inferior to more famous destinations such as Cordoba, Seville or Granada. And did you know that delicious wines are made in Extremadura around the wine town of Almendralejo?

holiday rentals per autonomous community

From left to right: the region, the average price and the occupancy percentage

Holiday accommodations per region

From left to right: the region, the average price and the occupancy percentage

Holiday rentals in the Canary Islands follow as the second cheapest with an average price of €119. Meanwhile, holiday homes in Castile and León can be booked for around €127 per night. Galicia (€129) and La Rioja (€131) also offer relatively cheap options.

Where in Spain are holiday homes the most expensive?

At the other end of the spectrum are the more expensive regions such as Catalonia, where the average price per night is €210, Madrid with €182 and the Comunidad Valenciana with €178 per night. The Basque Country and the Balearic Islands are at the top end of the scale with average prices of €227 and €352 euros per night respectively.

Holiday homes on islands form a separate category

The Spanish Islands, especially the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, remain a strong attraction for tourists. And as diverse as the islands are, so are the prices per night. It is cheapest on La Gomera (Canary Islands) with an average price of €80 per night. However, you need a well-filled wallet for a stay in Ibiza. There you pay an average of €623 per night.

From left to right: the island, the average price per night and the occupancy percentage

Most requested weeks and amenities

The platform emphasises that for this summer the average search concerns stays of 7 nights. The weeks from July 20 to 27 and from August 3 to 10 are the most in demand for accommodations in Spain on the platform. In terms of accommodation types, holiday homes top the list of bookings, followed by villas in second position, holiday apartments in third position and country houses in fourth position. Finally, it appears that the most sought-after facility is a private swimming pool (55%), followed by air conditioning (27%), internet (18%), a barbecue (14%) and accommodations that allow pets (11%).

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