Gran Canaria invests 101 million in 2030 World Cup stadium

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world cup stadium

The government of Gran Canaria has announced that it wants to invest an impressive amount of €101 million in improving sports facilities in the run-up to the Football World Cup in 2030. The organisation of the 2030 World Cup is in the joint hands of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

The stadium should be ready for matches by 2027. In addition to the renovation of the football stadium, the investment plans also include a comprehensive refurbishment of the Centro Insular de Deportes. €20.5 million have been allocated for this purpose. €1.2 million will also be spent on improving the hockey facilities within the Ciudad Deportiva. In total, the island government has established an investment budget of €324 million for various projects. Of this, €124.7 million is specifically intended for sports development.

FIFA’s look at the future

The importance of these world championships for the host cities was emphasised during a conference organised by the Grupo Orlegi. FIFA Council Member Yon de Luisa said: “No city has ever regretted hosting a World Cup,” said De Luisa. He noted the lasting positive impact such events have on the infrastructure and economy of host countries.

Economic impact

De Luisa also revealed that the last World Cup earned FIFA $7.5 billion. An increase to $11 billion is expected for the 2026 championship. About 40% of this revenue is used to organise various world championships, including men’s, women’s and indoor football. The rest of the money is spent on promoting football worldwide.

Baycrest Wealth

In 2022, the Spanish cabinet estimated the required investments for the shared organisation of the 2030 World Cup at €1.43 billion. This amount is divided into €750 million for infrastructure and another €680 million for organisational costs. On the other hand, according to Bankinter, the government expects to raise €10 billion for Spain with the event. It would also be positive for employment, with an estimated 82,000 full-time jobs that the championship will create in Spain.

Unique edition

It is the first time in history that three countries are organising the Football World Cup together and are also located on two continents. Moreover, the opening matches will be played on a third continent. These take place in South America in the countries Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

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