UK´s most wanted in Spain get life in jail

by Lorraine Williamson
most wanted in Spain

At the beginning of last year, the UK´s National Crime Agency (NCA) and the charity, Crimestoppers launched a joint campaign and enlisted the help of the Spanish police forces to help track down and arrest some of the UK´s most wanted, thought to be living in Spain.

At the time, NCA´s director general of operations, Steve Rodhouse stated, “Spain is not a safe haven. Many of these fugitives will be trying to blend in to the large British communities who have made their homes in Spain, and if you are resident, you may know one of them from your town or village.”

Public collaboration

Thanks to public collaboration, almost immediately, one of the initial 12 most wanted, was arrested in the San Pedro area of Marbella, Malaga. Joshua Hendry was spotted by an off-duty police officer that recognised him from the campaign.

Just 2 weeks after the launch, a second fugitive was arrest. However, he was captured in the Netherlands while out jogging, and not in Spain where he was originally suspected to be living. 

More names added

As the year progressed, many more from the list have been arrested. But, also, more names have been added.


Dean Garforth

The most recent capture in Spain was that of Dean Garforth in October. Garforth was arrested in the Nueva Andalucia area of Puerto Banus, Malaga as he attempted to escape from the police on an e-bike.

Callum Halpin

Even although these criminals are thought to be in Spain, there have been many arrests elsewhere. One such arrest was that of 28-year-old Callum Halpin. Halpin was arrested in neighbouring Portugal after almost 4 years on the run. In 2019, he had shot dead Luke Graham as children played nearby. Since his extradition back to the UK, Halpin has recently appeared in court. As reported by the Manchester Evening News, he has received a life sentence with a minimum 36 years in jail after being convicted of the murder.

Cogesa Expats
Richard Wakeling

Some criminals used clever disguises to change their appearance, however, some had distinctive features that could not be altered. This included Richard Wakeling who at 5´11” has had his lower right leg amputated and uses a prosthetic leg. Furthermore, he requires regular medical treatment.

Wakeling was thought to have connections in Spain, Thailand, Canada, and Ireland. Wakeling tried to import £8million of liquid amphetamine into the UK during April 2016. He was convicted and sentenced to 11 years, however, he absconded before his 12-week trial began.

After being at large for 5 years, Wakeling has now been arrested in Thailand. As reported by the Telegraph newspaper, officers from the Royal Thai Police arrested him on Friday at a car repair garage. He had been living in the beachside town of Hua Hin under a false name. He is now awaiting extradition back to the UK to face the court.

Help find these “most wanted” criminals

The Spanish and UK police ask for citizen collaboration to help capture these criminals still on the run. Any information given is 100% anonymous. Always!

From a UK number, call 0800 555 111, or from a Spanish number, call 900 926 111. Alternatively, you can email or call on 091.

Unless we continue to highlight these wanted criminals, they remain out of sight, and out of mind. Please continue to share until these people are arrested.

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