Most wanted still on the run

by Lorraine Williamson
just one no longer on the run

Many of the “most wanted” criminals have been on the run for several years. How is that possible you might ask yourself?

In order to avoid being arrested, some take on various disguises to alter their appearance. For example, in August of this year, Diego Dario González Ghersi was arrested. However, he looked nothing like the image on his “wanted poster”. He had changed his hair colour and length, added a beard, and used contact lenses to change his eye colour. His height was also altered using shoes with a higher sole.

However, Manuel Bellido Moreno was also arrested, but for him, it was more difficult to disguise as he was very tall, at 2 metres high, and therefore stood out. Even though he did manage to evade capture for 15 years. Thanks to citizen collaboration, he was eventually captured in Madrid.

Derek McGraw Ferguson

One such criminal is listed on the UK´s “Most Wanted” list AND on the Europol list. His name is Derek McGraw Ferguson, and he is originally from Glasgow. Ferguson is still on the run, and is wanted in connection with the murder of Thomas Cameron on 28 June 2007. The murder took place at the Auchinairn Tavern in Bishopbriggs, just outside Glasgow.

Derek McGraw Ferguson also goes by the nicknames, William Murdoch HENDERSON, Deco/Dekko/Decco/Decko.

Ferguson is in his 50s and is around 5′ 2″ with a stocky build. He has green/blue eyes and has short balding brown/grey hair. Furthermore, he sometimes wears a beard. However, as you can see by the computer generated images below, how different a change of hair, or perhaps a hair implant can make to the appearance.

on the run

Derek McGraw Ferguson

Also, unless they have been removed, Ferguson has a number of tattoos on his left arm; an arrow and a dagger. Seemingly he also uses a fake Irish accent even though he is Scottish. Something he can´t change without plastic surgery, however, is the fact that he is missing the top of his left ear.

Another criminal with distinctive features that cannot be changed

Richard Wakeling has a right lower leg amputation and uses a prosthetic leg. Furthermore, he requires regular medical treatment.

According to the National Crime Agency, 5’11 Wakeling, from Brentwood, Essex, tried to import £8million of liquid amphetamine into the UK during April 2016. He was convicted and sentenced to 11 years, however, he absconded before his 12-week trial began.

Moreover, he has family and friends in Ireland, Spain, Canada, and Thailand. He is also known for using the alias Shaun Michael Wilkinson. Wakeling is one of the UK´s most wanted thought to be in Spain.

still on the run

Richard Wakeling

Allan Foster

According to the National Crime Agency, Foster is alleged to have murdered David ‘Noddy’ Rice at the Marsden Bay Car Park, South Shields on 24th May 2006. Rice was shot multiple times at close range.

After the shooting, two men fled the scene. Later, Steven Bevens was caught and jailed for life in 2007 for his part in the murder. However, Allan Foster was thought to have travelled to Spain.

When he fled the Northeast in 2006, Allan Foster was also wanted in relation to two other offences of conspiring to supply controlled drugs and for the theft of a diamond.

Cogesa Expats
Allan Foster most wanted

Allan Foster

Previously, Foster featured as part of Operation Captura – a fugitives’ campaign run by the National Crime Agency and Crimestoppers with the support of the Spanish authorities. 

Allan Foster is around 175cm high, and of slim build. He has short, black hair.

Crack cocaine dealer still on the run

Tyrone James Anderson (known as T) can easily be identified each time he opens his mouth. This is because he has gold teeth.

on the run

Tyrone Anderson

Anderson, 27, failed to appear at his trial on June 14 last year where he had been due to answer charges of possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine and acquiring criminal property.

Consequently, a warrant was issued for his arrest. However, at the time, his counsel said they were ‘optimistic’ he would return to face his charges in court. This did not happen, and none of the legal representatives in the case know where he is. Although, he is now thought to be out of the country ‘in Europe.’ He is known to have been in France, Spain and Sweden.
Any information on his whereabouts or those that may be assisting him in evading arrest is required.

Anderson is in his mid-to-late-20s, approximately 6 feet tall, and has brown hair.

Could John Barton be on the run in Fuengirola?

John Barton was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in 2003 after being convicted in his absence for conspiring to import a commercial amount of heroin into the United Kingdom between 1999 and 2000. He is believed to have links to Fuengirola in Spain.

Barton is of medium build and around 170cm – 175cm in height. He is thought to dye his hair.

John Barton on the run in Fuengirola?

John Barton

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez

Known as Vivi, this woman is wanted for the following crimes;

  • Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Laundering of the proceeds of crime
  • Sex trafficking

Columbian Gutierrez is less than 150cm tall, has dyed blonde hair, and green eyes. She has several tattoos across her chest area. Furthermore, she is on the EU´s most wanted list.

wanted and on the run

The Spanish and UK police ask for citizen collaboration to help capture these criminals still on the run. Any information given is 100% anonymous. Always. From a UK number, call 0800 555 111, or from a Spanish number, call 900 926 111. Alternatively, you can email or call on 091.

Unless we continue to highlight these wanted criminals, they remain out of sight, and out of mind. Please continue to share until these people are arrested.

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