Tourist disregards swimming ban at popular tourist spot in Lanzarote

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Jameos del Agua

ARRECIFE – In the picturesque Jameos del Agua on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, a tourist succumbed to temptation and disregarded the swimming ban. Without hesitation, she entered the water, even though swimming has been strictly prohibited at this location for decades.

Jameos del Agua is considered one of Lanzarote’s gems, attracting thousands of visitors daily. According to La Provincia, this tourist is not the first to take a refreshing plunge in the crystal-clear blue water despite the ban. Many visitors have justified their actions by claiming they slipped, but in this case, that excuse does not hold water as the images clearly refute it. It is evident that the young woman intentionally entered the water for a quick dip.

Not the first time

This incident is not an isolated one. Last July, another incident occurred that is still fresh in the memory of both visitors and staff at the tourist attraction. Four reckless tourists ventured into the lake in the same complex where the rare albino crabs (Munidopsis Polimorpha) reside. These protected native species are unique to the island and the world, making it imperative to strictly prohibit swimming in the lake, just like in the swimming pool.

Both incidents have sparked widespread criticism on social media, with users expressing their disappointment and condemnation of such inappropriate and disrespectful behavior by these tourists.

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Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua, designed by the renowned Canarian artist and architect César Manrique, is an awe-inspiring location in Lanzarote. This complex showcases stunning underground caves and tunnels formed by volcanic activity. The main highlight of Jameos del Agua is undoubtedly the enchanting swimming pool, which is supplied by underground seawater springs and surrounded by breathtaking lava rock formations. It is a place of extraordinary beauty and tranquility.

Although the swimming pool may be incredibly tempting, or even resembling a lagoon, it is strictly prohibited to swim there. It is also forbidden to throw coins into the pool for luck or disturb the delicate aquatic ecosystem in any way.

César Manrique

Cesar Manrique, born on April 24, 1919, in Arrecife, Lanzarote, was a prominent Spanish artist, architect, and environmentalist. He made remarkable contributions to the cultural and artistic development of the island. Manrique’s visionary approach to art and architecture seamlessly integrated the island’s natural beauty with modern design elements. He is widely acknowledged for shaping Lanzarote’s identity and establishing a harmonious connection between art, culture, and the natural environment.

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