Heavy flooding, rescues and damage from DANA in Spain

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heavy flooding

MURCIA – The recent impact of DANA, a weather phenomenon that has been plaguing the peninsula for several days, has led to devastating consequences in several parts of Spain. One of the hardest hit areas is the region of Murcia, where damage is significant.

Puddles of water, fallen trees, torn branches, trapped vehicles, flooding and rescues, although generally without serious consequences. These are some of the incidents caused by the heavy and persistent rainfall of recent hours in the Valencian Community and in the centre of the peninsula. On Friday, the storm continues with a special incidence in Madrid.

Devastating consequences in Molina del Segura

In Molina del Segura, for example, streets flooded and cars were washed away by the currents created by the heavy rain. Spanish media reported that it was almost 100 litres per square meter. On Thursday, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) recorded very heavy local rainfall, downpours, hail and lightning activity, resulting in an orange alert for the region. The situation was very complicated and the emergency service 112 had to work hard because of the flooding of several roads.

Viral videos

Videos circulating on social networks show cars getting stuck due to heavy rainfall, streets turned into veritable rivers and vehicles being swept away by the fast-flowing water. Terrifying images on Twitter show a woman trying to cross a completely flooded street with a pushchair and losing control. Fortunately, a passerby was able to grab her child just in time and she managed to get herself to safety.

Another video that has gone viral on Twitter shows a motorist trying to cross an intersection where the street has turned into a fast-flowing river. He has no chance and his car is immediately dragged away. Apparently, he too – despite this not-too-clever action – escaped a more serious fate. @_pedroteruel_ films the situation and makes the following comment when he sees the red BMW appear next to him. The driver stops briefly before the intersection but then gives full throttle in an attempt to make it across.

José, in a dry tone, wonders aloud: “Where are you going?” as the car gets caught in the current and begins to float and spin and then gets swept away by the force of the water. As the surreal scene takes place, José continues, “Obviously, in reverse. where are you going? Well, where were you going?”

Also heavy showers in the Valencia region

The DANA has also caused severe storms, hailstorms and flooding in the Valencian Community this week. In the south of the community, classes were suspended in more than 20 congregations due to the violent storms that hit there. Today, the situation in the north is expected to be particularly complicated. Aemet warns of locally heavy showers and storms early in the morning, which are expected to decrease during the afternoon.

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In the province of Castellón, the rains have already started at night. Local sources report that more than 67 litres per square meter fell in areas such as Borriol, while Villareal experienced 53 litres of precipitation.

Yellow warning for rain in Madrid

Today, Friday, Madrid is on edge because of the rain caused by the DANA, which arrived in the capital yesterday. The Aemet has issued a community-wide yellow alert for rain. Some incidents have already been reported as a result of the persistent rain, including flooding in basements and homes, and puddles on several roads. During the night, emergency number 112 handled no less than 66 incidents related to rain between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

In the mountain area, were 80 litres per square meter, locally 100 litres, expected in 12 hours for today. Further storms with possible hail are expected for Friday.

As of Friday 7:30 am, the region recorded 44.1 litres in Alto de León, 37.4 litres in Alpedrete, 36.8 litres in Puerto de Navacerrada, 35.2 litres in Colmenar and about 31 litres per square meter in the municipalities of Valdemorillo and Torrelodones.

The wind is also very strong in some areas, with gusts of up to 109 kilometres per hour in La Pinilla, in the Community of Madrid and in the capital Segovia, gusts of up to 82 kilometres per hour have been measured, while in the port of Navacerrada (Madrid), the maximum wind gust reached 77 kilometres per hour.

The firefighters conducted 1 7 interventions in connection with the heavy rainfall of recent hours, especially in the municipalities of El Escorial, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Collado-Villalba, Galapagar and Alpedrete.

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