This white wine from Spain is a favourite and you can buy it in the supermarket

by Lorraine Williamson
supermarket wine

The fact that the tastiest wines do not always have to be expensive or have to be bought from specialist shops is proven again. You can simply get this white wine from Spain in the supermarket and it really doesn’t have to be more expensive than about 5 euros. 

Market researcher Nielsen IQ recently conducted research among Spanish consumers of all ages. And the question ‘which white wine is most popular?’ was central. Moreover, of all white wines, there appears to be a clear favourite among the Spaniards.

Rueda from Castile and León is a big favourite

The D.O. Rueda wines, from the Rueda wine region northwest of Madrid, are proving very popular among consumers who like to buy their white wine in the supermarket. Since 1980, this region has even received a D.O. (denominación de origen) recognition. 

Of the study participants, when tasting a wide variety of white wines, 31% very quickly identified the D.O. Rueda wine. The brand is well known and popular with the younger target group, between 18 and 35 years old, as well as with people over 45 years old. And that brand awareness is important among consumers, as evidenced by the good sales figures of this white wine in supermarkets in Spain. 

The following D.O. Rueda wines are also very popular among Spanish consumers and are available in supermarkets. What´s more, they are at a nice price. 


The white Verdejo wine from D.O. Rueda costs an average of €3.65 for a 75 cl bottle. This wine is made from Verdejo grapes and the average age is 25 years. The wine is light and has delicate aromas of fennel, green apple and banana. 

Cogesa Expats

Green & Social 

This organic white Verdejo wine costs €5.04 for a 75 cl bottle. Furthermore, it is known as a fresh but characteristic wine with aromas of lemon fruits and balsamic vinegar. 

Cuatro Rayas 

This white Sauvignon wine costs €5.29 for a 75 cl bottle. This wine is also made from Verdejo grapes and offers a refined selection from this winery. 


This young white Verdejo wine costs €5.61 per bottle (75 cl). It is known for its fresh, fruity and light taste and comes from grapes from Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is a true explosion of various fruit aromas such as peach, mango, papaya and citrus fruits such as orange, mandarin together with white flowers and dill. 


This Verdejo wine costs €5.95 per bottle of 75 cl and is a light wine full of aromas of freshly cut grass and spring. The wine also contains a sourness and is somewhat reminiscent of exotic fruit. An elegant and tasty wine. 

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