Third aid package for Spain to be announced before New Year

by Lorraine Williamson
Third aid package

MADRID – The current support package with measures to mitigate the negative effects of inflation for citizens and businesses expires on December 31. That is why the Spanish Prime Minister has announced a third aid package. 

This will happen during the Council of Ministers on 29 December. The third aid package contains support measures for the gas-intensive and ceramic industries amongst others. Sánchez said this during the presentation of the socialist candidacies for the municipal elections held this Saturday in Valencia. Before Thursday, December 29, the Prime Minister must convene an extraordinary Council of Ministers. The last ordinary council is held two days before on Tuesday, December 27. 

According to Antena 3, one of the things that stands out in the next package is that the fuel discount may not be extended again. Last Sunday, the leader of the Spanish government already announced a “new aid package” aimed at the “social majority” of the country, which will include “mechanisms to contain the evolution of food prices”. 

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Guarantee of water for the Valencia region 

Another commitment was a guarantee to the Valencian community of water through dialogue with the irrigators and the Generalitat. In addition, the government will make a donation of €600 million for water infrastructure in the region, which is the highest amount ever. 

Gigafactory of batteries in Sagunto 

The president of the government also praised the work and “political commitment” of the “president” of the Generalitat Ximo Puig. According to him, this led to Volkswagen’s “economic decision” to locate its battery gigafactory in Sagunto (Valencia). 

Furthermore, he transferred the “trust and support” of the government of Spain to the electric vehicle industry, the automotive industry, the gas-intensive industry or ceramics. 


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