These Spanish destinations in the top 20 for buying luxury holiday homes

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MADRID – Real estate consultant Savills wanted to know which places worldwide are the best to buy a luxury holiday home. This takes into account the price of the real estate, recreational opportunities, and hospitality.

From more than 60 destinations analyzed, the French Côte d’Azur emerged as the best location to buy a luxury holiday home. The top destinations stand out for their top-class restaurants, quality hotels, excellent quality of life, and good airline connections.

Four Spanish destinations in the top twenty

Four Spanish destinations made it into the top twenty. Mallorca is in fifth place. This makes the island in the Mediterranean Sea the highest-ranked Spanish location. In addition to Mallorca, the Costa Brava (8th place) and Marbella (17th place) are also in the top 20. Ibiza completes the list at the bottom in 20th place.

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According to the research, Mallorca is particularly popular for the exceptional hospitality of the local population and the wide leisure offers, such as golfing opportunities, marinas, and nature.

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Places above Mallorca on the list

Above Mallorca, we find Monaco for its wide range of luxury real estate, Aspen in the US for its skiing facilities, and Tuscany in Italy, which is almost equal to Mallorca in terms of points.

Notably, Monaco scores best when it comes to competitive prices for luxury homes. The Côte d’Azur, which tops the overall list, falls to eighth place when looking only at the price of luxury real estate, but excels in all other factors.

According to this research, Spain therefore remains an attractive destination for those looking for a luxurious second home with four destinations in the top twenty worldwide.

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