These are the most popular Spanish cities among Europeans this summer

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popular Spanish cities

Spain continues to be an immensely popular holiday destination among Europeans, with city breaks being particularly in demand. This article highlights the top three Spanish cities that will be the most popular this summer.

The Spanish Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) conducted a survey of over 6,800 Europeans to discover their favourite destinations and the reasons behind their choices. Respondents rated the last places they visited and explained their preferences. Factors such as heritage, history, gastronomy, and proximity to nature play significant roles in their choices.

Nearly 17% of those surveyed find it important to discover new places when choosing a holiday destination. According to the OCU, inflation has impacted holiday plans, often forcing people to book shorter vacations and opt for city trips to mid-sized cities that are easier to reach and explore.


Leading the list of favourite destinations, according to the OCU, is Granada. It is followed by Luxembourg, Palma de Mallorca, and Bilbao. Granada is renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage, making it a popular choice. Europeans love visiting the impressive Alhambra, strolling through the oldest neighbourhood Albaicín, enjoying the charming tapas restaurants, or attending a flamenco show in Sacromonte. These activities are appealing year-round, making Granada a versatile destination for travellers.

Palma de Mallorca

Luxembourg, second on the list, shares this spot with the second Spanish city, Palma de Mallorca. The European love for the capital of the Balearic Islands is evident. With good weather, rich heritage, history, and dreamlike beaches just minutes from the centre, Palma de Mallorca is the ideal destination for a short trip. The imposing ‘sea’ cathedral, as this Levantine Gothic temple is called, is one of the major tourist attractions. Additionally, the excellent gastronomy, from breakfast with a delicious ensaimada to an evening drink with a sobrasada toast, makes Palma de Mallorca particularly attractive.


In fourth place is another Spanish city: Bilbao. The Basque city continues to outdo itself each year, with a steadily increasing number of international tourists. If you haven’t yet explored the city of the Guggenheim Museum, now is the time to book. Strolling along the river, getting lost in the old town, and eating pintxos in the famous Seven Streets district are activities worth repeating.

While some cities score high, others are less recommended. Milan and Naples are at the bottom of the top 100.

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