Take a hike in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
a hike in Madrid

MADRID – With temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to go for a hike. There are unlimited places to hike in Spain, but today InSpain.news look at Madrid and the surrounding areas.

There are many different routes. We could have easily listed over 50, but we will focus on ten of the most well-known.

La Pedriza

La Pedriza is a mountain landscape, unique to the Iberian Peninsula. Located in the Southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama, its topography is defined by a collection of amazingly shaped rocks and crags.

The route is located around 50 kilometres from Madrid, and is almost 12 kilometres long; however, it could take anything between 3 and 6 hours to complete. It is classed as an intermediate climb. This is due to the unevenness of the terrain and the level of your fitness. The route begins in the town of Manzanares El Real with an incline from 900 metres increasing to 1600 metres and everything in between. One of the most spectacular peaks is El Yelmo. From here you can see almost everything. Throughout the climb, you will see dramatic, rugged granite rock formations, and waterfalls.

The trail is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The landscape was formed by cooling magma a very long time ago. The Manzanares River flows through the area and forms one of the most famous pools, Charca Verde. Which means “green pool”.

Upper Lozoya Valley

Also in the Sierra del Guadarrama National Park, overlooking the peaks of Cotos and Peñalara, is the Finnish Forest, in Rascafría. Here, peaks range between 1800 and 2000 metres of altitude.

The path begins near km 27.6 of M-604 by crossing the Perdón bridge. This path is part of the Lozoya Valley Nature Trail that, from Rascafría, runs through the entire river valley.

From (Bridge) Puente del Perdón, the main route crosses the river into a poplar grove where you can enjoy the peaceful valley.

Land of Pinares (Segovia)

Las Lagunas de Cantalejo is one of the places with the greatest ecological value in the Tierra de Pinares region. It is made up of a system of fossil dunes populated by extensive pine forests. On this hike, you will also find a series of lagoons crossed by the Cega River. On the banks of the lagoons, there is an abundance of aquatic vegetation composed mainly of reed and aquatic reed.

The route is just over 8km, round trip, and should take around of 2.5 hours. The starting point is the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Pinar.

The Wet Spot

hike from Mota del CuervoThe hike starts in In Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca) with its famous windmills. Continue to the Manjavacas lagoon complex, located within the Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve. This is a circular route that is very easy and will take under two hours.

Ruta del Alcaraván

This is a circular route of just over 11 kilometres. It is also very easy and takes you to the capital of purple garlic, Las Pedroñeras, with its large houses and the Museum of the Labrador.

Siete Picos (Seven Peaks)

This hike is around 10 kilometres and is classed as an easy hike. It takes its name from the seven granite peaks that line up along its soaring rocks. However, this simple, relaxed hiking trail is one of Madrid’s most popular routes because of its accessibility, low difficulty level and panoramic views.

The hike begins from the Puerto de Navacerrada ski station and follows the El Telégrafo ski lift to the ridge.


This hike is for intermediate hikers and can take around 4 hours on its circular route. It will take you to the slopes of Madrid´s highest summit. You will have amazing views of glacial lakes and breathtaking valleys

Camino de los Campamentos, Cercedilla

markers on the hike


Although this hike can take around 2 hours, it is the perfect family hike and as such, is suitable for children. It is almost 10 kilometres long and is located just over 30 kilometres from Madrid. It is a popular hike and has plenty of markers along the way ensuring you don´t get lost. There is even a perfect area by the La Peñota camp which makes a fantastic picnic point.



Valle de la Barranca – Mirador de las Canchas (Navacerrada)

If mountain views are your thing, then the ski town of Navacerrada on the southern flank of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains is for you! Trails open to majestic views of some of Madrid’s highest summits. Furthermore, during the colder seasons, the peaks are covered with snow. This provides a magnificent backdrop for hikes this time of the year.

The trail begins at Hotel La Barranca. On the route, there is the de Pino a Pino Adventure Park which offers zip lines, swinging rope bridges, and circuits.

However, this is a difficult hike of over 10 kilometres which can take around 4 hours to complete.

Cascada del Purgatorio

difficult hikeThe Cascada del Purgatorio – Monasterio de El Paular Loop from Camino de Batanes is classed as a difficult hike at just under 20 kilometres long. And, as such, requires a certain level of fitness and expertise to complete. However, the paths are mostly accessible.

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