Summer brings explosion of bookings to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
bookings to Spain

The number of holiday bookings to Spain has risen considerably this year for May to September. The Spanish aviation organisation IATA says it has high expectations because of a boost to holidaymakers, especially from distant countries. 

This great confidence of IATA is evident from conclusions that the organisation drew from the survey conducted among 4,700 passengers from eleven different countries. From May to September 2023, 35% more flights to Spain were booked than last year. Consequently, airlines are struggling to meet the growing demand and are therefore planning as much as possible in accordance with the capacity of airports and border controls. 

From these countries, the number of bookings to Spain has increased massively 

Booking data for the summer period shows that the main growth is expected to come from the following areas;

Cogesa Expats
  • Asia Pacific (+134.7%)
  • The Middle East (+42.9%)
  • Europe (+39.9%)
  • Africa (+ 36.4%)
  • Latin America (+21.4%)
  • North America (+14.1%). 

“Especially from distant countries, it is the first time for travellers since the pandemic that a long journey can be made again. This therefore shows that confidence in being able to travel safely has increased again.” Although some delays and cancellations are expected, IATA spokesperson Nick Careen says most of the problems that played a role in 2022 can be resolved quickly. 

Hardly any problems with close cooperation between Spanish organisations 

According to IATA, cooperation between travel and airline organisations, sufficient staff and accurate information exchange are crucial to call the summer season a success. Consequently, a lot of work has already been put into this and if everyone delivers the promised capacity, problems for travellers can be reduced to a minimum. 

However, in this regard, IATA remains vigilant for unannounced strikes within Europe, which caused many problems earlier this year. The organisation therefore calls on governments to be prepared for this and to write out possible emergency scenarios should companies go on strike during this peak period. 

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