Strikes continue in Spain despite agreement with transport sector

by Lorraine Williamson
transport sector strikes

In the early morning of March 25, Spain reached an agreement with the transport sector. The Spanish government is allocating more than €1 billion and reimburses €0.20 per litre of fuel for the drivers. Despite this agreement, the transport strikes continue en masse. 

The transport platform (PDTM), which announced the strikes 12 days ago, does not agree with the solution offered by the Spanish government. They demand an allowance of at least €0.60 per litre of fuel. Furthermore, they also want to be involved in the negotiations. 

Spanish minister only wanted to meet with official representation 

The PDTM has therefore indicated that it will continue with the strikes as long as they are also involved in the talks with the Minister of Transport. However, Transport Minister Sánchez said until Friday, he would only meet with the official representation of the sector. Nevertheless, it was announced this morning that it would enter into talks with representatives of the PDTM platform. This will take place later today this at 5.00 pm. 

What does the agreement with the Spanish transport sector mean? 

The agreement that has now been reached means that fuel prices will be reduced by €0.20 per litre of fuel from April 1 to at least June 30. This measure may also be extended beyond June 30. The government will pay €0.15 and €0.05 will be paid by oil companies. This cut is close to how other countries have intervened, such as a €0.15 cut in fuel prices in France and €0.25 in Italy. 

This contribution to fuel prices amounts to around €600 million. Together with the other support to the transport sector, the total package amounts to an investment of €1.05 billion. In addition to the reimbursement of fuel prices, the government also provides direct support to drivers, such as €1,250 per truck, €950 per bus, €500 per delivery van, and €300 for passenger vehicles such as ambulances and taxis. 

Transport sector strikes in Spain continue en masse 

In recent days, the consequences of the strikes in the transport sector have become painfully visible. Supermarkets, companies, and factories have been struggling with supply problems and serious shortages for quite some time now. 

As mentioned, the strikes continued en masse in various places in Spain on Friday morning. The platform and the striking drivers are demanding compensation that is at least three times as high as now promised. Minister Sánchez finds it unacceptable that the platform does not take its responsibility, as the requirements of the sector have amply been met. On Friday afternoon at 5.00 pm, she will talk to representatives of the PDTM platform. 

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