Storm with whirlwinds and thunder on the way to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Storm predicted

WEATHER – Although the first week of May was calm and sunny, the weather is expected to change completely in the coming weekend. On Saturday it may even be tropically warm in Spain. However, this will change on Sunday when an Atlantic storm will cause a significant turnaround. 

An Atlantic storm is on its way to Spain, which means the weather will suddenly change overnight from Saturday to Sunday. This time, meteorologists have named the storm Mathieu. The forecast is that this will intensify over the Atlantic Ocean from May 7 to 8. 

Atlantic storm fed by warm Spain temperatures 

On Saturday the weather could be even warmer than normal for this time of year in Spain. But on Sunday and the days following, the change will be noticeable in the Iberian peninsula. As a result, the storm will be more intense over Spain due to the warm temperatures in mainland Spain until Saturday. 

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Notable change in weather

Throughout Thursday and Friday there will be wonderful spring-like temperatures. Furthermore, on Saturday the weather will change noticeably and it will be quite warm with peaks of up to 34 degrees in the Valley of the Guadalquivir and in Badajoz. 

Weather forecast from Sunday in Spain 

AEMET predicts heavy rain, thunder, and strong winds along with colder temperatures in almost all of Spain from Sunday. A lot of thunderstorms are also forecast in the north and centre of Spain. There will also be downpours across the whole country. Thereafter, the Spanish weather service expects that the showers will disappear on Tuesday. However, wind and somewhat cooler temperatures will continue for a few more days thereafter.

At the moment, only the east and south coasts of Spain and the Spanish islands seem to escape the Atlantic storm. Storm Mathieu is the eighth severe storm in Spain in 2021. 

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