Spanish King Emeritus sued by ex-lover

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King Emeritus sued by Corrina Larsen

MADRID – King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, the father of the current King Felipe VI, has been sued by his ex-lover Corrina Larsen before the Supreme Court in London. 

Larsen requests in the complaint filed last December that her ex-lover should not come within 150 metres of her homes. She is also demanding a restraining order and compensation. The compensation is due to illegal surveillance of her in the UK and at her home in Montecarlo. This was seemingly carried out by the Spanish secret service CNI. As yet, no information has been released about the amount of compensation claimed. 

In July, Corinna Larsen testified in a major Spanish trial against the ex-commissioner of the Spanish National Police, Villarejo. She stated that she was ‘terrified´ by the ‘constant threats’ from the CNI. She has allegedly been harassed since 2012 through threats, defamation, and espionage. 

Villarejo – who was charged with criminal organisation, bribery, and money laundering – says in his trial that he tried to “persuade” and “seduce” Corinna Larsen because it was his “job”. 

The intimidation was aimed at preventing Larsen revealing state secrets she would have knowledge of according to the king’s allegations. 

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No response from the defense yet 

King Emeritus sued in Supreme Court LondonAccording to the publication of the London Supreme Court, the defense of Juan Carlos I has not yet responded. It remains to be decided whether the English justice system has jurisdiction to indict a former head of state of another nation who does not live in the United Kingdom. 

Harassment since 2012 

Larsen, in several interviews and even as a witness in a trial in Spain denounced the harassment she allegedly suffered since 2012. Then her relationship with Juan Carlos I came to light. 

This happened during a luxury hunting safari they took together to Botswana. And because Juan Carlos had an accident here, the news came out. The Spanish people did not look kindly on him for taking a luxury hunting safari in the middle of the economic crisis that hit Spain hard. The incident damaged the monarch’s reputation and was partly behind his surprise decision to resign in 2014. 

King Emeritus in alleged tax fraud 

Juan Carlos has been plagued in recent years by allegations of misconduct regarding his finances. In 2020, Felipe VI announced that he would renounce any inheritance from his father and deprive him of his annual allowance paid by the Royal Household. In August of that year, Juan Carlos left Spain for the United Arab Emirates. He has lived in Abu Dhabi ever since. 

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