Spaniards’ optimism for stopping climate change rises

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Spaniards positive about combatting climate change

Climate change is one of mankind’s great challenges, but in the past year Spaniards have become more optimistic about this threat. A survey carried out worldwide shows 66% of Spaniards believe we are in time to curb global warming, 28% think ‘it is too late’.

A year ago, 53% of Spaniards surveyed were optimistic and 44% pessimistic. This means 38% of Spaniards feel more positive about the situation than last year. WWS (Win Worldwide Survey) carried out the survey in 34 countries. In Spain, Instituto DYM undertook the fieldwork.

Spain in fifth place

Of the 34 countries, Spain ranks fifth in the belief there is still time to curb climate change, coming in behind China (81%), Brazil (73%), the United States (70%) and Croatia (67%), and tied with Ireland. The Danes come last: only 9% believe there is still time to stop global warming.

Globally, 85% of people consider climate change a threat, with particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region (87%) and the Americas (87%), followed by Europe (84%) and Africa (79%) and, last but not least, the Middle East and North Africa (74%).

Spanish youth more pessimistic

The survey shows young people aged 18-24 are the most pessimistic Spaniards (41% think there is no way back), while those aged 65 and over and those aged 55-64, have only 27% and 17% negative views respectively, and are the most confident about a turnaround.

Concerns about warming

Global warming is a concern. 86% of Spaniards see this as a ‘serious threat to humanity’, down 2% from last year, while 11% see no major risks. There are no differences according to gender, but according to age, concern increases among the elderly. 90% of those surveyed in the 55+ age group are concerned, while among those under 34 it is around 80%.


86% of Spaniards believe ‘individual actions can contribute to improve the environment’. This is especially true for the elderly: 92% of the over-65s share this opinion, while the figure for the under-24s is 71%. Three out of four Spaniards also admit they would like to live ‘more sustainably’, but that it is often difficult to make ‘the necessary changes’ in behaviour, even though they consider climate change a serious problem.

The majority of respondents, 68%, believe ‘the real efforts’ in sustainability and the environment should be made by businesses and governments, rather than individuals. 29% do not agree. More men (71%) than women (64%) think companies and governments should take the lead. Young people share this opinion more than older people.

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