Spain will recognise the Palestinian State on May 28

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The Palestinian State

On May 28, Spain will officially recognise the Palestinian State. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez personally took the lead in this historic decision. After an international tour, he also managed to win over Ireland and Norway to the cause.

The Spanish Prime Minister condemns both the terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7 and what he considers Israel’s disproportionate response. This step is in consultation with coalition partners and is based on “the overwhelming feeling of Spanish citizens,” Sánchez said.

Cooperation with Ireland and Norway

During his speech to Congress, the Prime Minister indicated that the decision was coordinated with Ireland and Norway, in addition to the 143 countries that have already recognised Palestine. The decision will be ratified by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. “We are a peaceful people and we respect the Charter of the United Nations,” Sánchez began. “What I know for sure is that Netanyahu has no peace plan for Palestine.”

A beginning, not an end

Sánchez emphasised that this recognition is only the beginning. Spain will continue to put pressure on the international community in this sense. He also announced that Spain will receive treatment for about thirty Palestinian children diagnosed with cancer or serious injuries.

King Felipe VI supports the recognition

King Felipe VI has also spoken out about the need for a political solution to stop the violence in Gaza. “The tragedy in Gaza awakens the conscience of humanity,” he said.

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Recognition of Palestine as a solution

The government is convinced that the only solution to the conflict in the Middle East is the coexistence of two states, Israel and Palestine. Therefore, Spain will implement the recognition of Palestine, based on peace, justice and coherence. Sánchez announced this decision after consultation with, among others, the King, the UN Secretary General António Guterres, and the presidents of the European Council and Commission, Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen.


Following the announcement, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz recalled the ambassador in Madrid for consultations and also summoned the Spanish ambassador in Tel Aviv. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) have welcomed the move by Ireland, Norway and Spain to recognise the Palestinian state. The parties speak of a “historic” decision. “We consider this an important step toward affirming our right to our land,” the statement said. They call on other countries to follow the example of the three European countries.

Recognition for peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine

Despite criticism from the Israeli government and right-wing political parties in Spain, Sánchez emphasised that this recognition is not against anyone, but for peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine. The Prime Minister made it clear that the recognition is not aimed at the people of Israel. Nor is it to the advantage of Hamas, the terrorist group that opposes a two-state solution.

Recognition of Palestine is mainly symbolic

Spain’s recognition of Palestine, ten years after the Congress resolution, is primarily symbolic. Spain already maintains diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority. It puts international pressure on Israel and strengthens the legitimacy of Palestine. However, it is not yet clear which borders Spain will recognise.

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