Spain will be in an ‘ecological deficit’ from Monday

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climate change - ecological deficit

Spain consumed all the natural resources it had allocated for this year on Monday. This means that Spain is now in an “ecological deficit”. This year the moment of shortage will occur no less than three months earlier than last year.

The environmental organisation Amigos de la Tierra calls on the government to take measures to reduce the use of natural resources and transform the current production and consumption model.

What does an ecological deficit mean?

As of Monday, Spain has consumed more natural resources than what the Earth can regenerate in that time. This date therefore marks Spain’s Earth Overshoot Day. This year took place seven months before the end of the year. This phenomenon records the ecological footprint of each country. This marks the date on which all natural resources for that year have been consumed. This is based on data from the Global Footprint Network.

According to Amigos de la Tierra, citizens and all economic sectors in Spain have now used all the natural resources calculated for a year, such as water, energy, raw materials and food.

“Limiting unbridled consumption is vital”

Amigos de la Tierra stressed in a statement the urgent need to review the current production and consumption model. “It is vital to limit the rampant use of materials and energy to match the regenerative capacity of our planet,” said Adriana Espinosa, responsible for natural resources and waste at the organisation.

Baycrest Wealth

Amigos de la Tierra points out that the European Union’s material footprint is double what the safe and sustainable limits would allow. This concerns the total amount of fossil fuels, biomass, metals and minerals used, including imports. The conclusion is that the current model is unfair and unequal. While 1.2 billion of the poorest people represent only 1% of global consumption, the richest billion people consume 72% of resources.

Concrete measures

Amigos de la Tierra calls on the Spanish government to introduce regulations that reduce the use of mineral resources and waste production. This means that Earth Overshoot Day should be pushed back again. The organisation advocates a binding target to reduce the material footprint at the national level. This goal should be supported with concrete measures. In addition, the directive on the right to repair must be effectively implemented. This was approved by the European institutions in April this year.

“Extending the lifespan of products and facilitating their reuse and repair are concrete measures that can already be taken,” concludes Amigos de la Tierra. “But these must be part of a broader paradigm shift that conserves natural resources and prioritises social and environmental justice.”

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