Spain turns from black to orange on corona map

by Lorraine Williamson
corona map moving towards new normal

MADRID – After the fifth wave reached its peak at the end of July and almost all of Spain turned deep black on the corona map. 

The average incidence dropped from 701 to 101 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. With this sharp decline, the country appears to be entering a positive phase. 

Corona map

An ‘average risk’ now applies to the whole of Spain, with which the first steps can be taken carefully towards the new normal. The orange colour on the corona map indicates there is an epidemiological situation with between 50-150 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. As soon as the incidence falls below 50 the colour turns pink, below 25 the card is green. 

Seven regions have incidence below 100 

Most infections were recorded from the fifth corona wave on July 27. At this time, only Castile-La Mancha, Murcia, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla had an incidence lower than 500. Now, a month and a half later, there are seven. autonomous regions with an incidence even below 100. These are Asturias (35.73 and therefore ‘pink’), Valencia (70.67), Castile and León (85.81), Galicia (88.79), Andalucia (88.97) and Murcia (97.67) . 

Asturias is approaching new normal 

With an incidence of 35.73, Asturias is only ten points away from code green, the colour that equates to the ‘new normal’. That was a long way to go, because in the fifth wave, except for the third wave, the highest number of infections was registered. It should be noted that not all Covid-19 cases were registered during the first corona wave in Spain. 

The Ministry of Health has announced that the fifth wave has been significantly milder than the previous four waves. Three times fewer hospital admissions were recorded during the last wave. And the number of corona deaths was even ten times lower than in the previous waves. This positive development can be attributed to the successful vaccination campaign. Moreover, Spain has already fully vaccinated 75% of the population. 

“The corona vaccine has given us the opportunity to gradually take control of the epidemic. This means that our social relationships will return to normal. The figures show a favourable trend, but the pandemic is not over yet. It, therefore, remains desirable that the easing of all measures is gradual and always after consultation in the Inter-Territorial Council,” said Minister Carolina Darias. 

In Thursday’s meeting, the colour code of the corona traffic light will be adapted to the current epidemiological situation and vaccination coverage in Spain. This traffic light will continue to guide the autonomous regions in easing the corona measures. 

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