Spain sticks to the face mask obligation on public transport

by Lorraine Williamson
mask obligation still applies

MADRID – The Spanish Minister of Health has pleaded not to lift the mask obligation as it currently applies in public transport (including flights to and from Spain), pharmacies, and health and care centres. 

Minister Darias indicated that she wanted to wait until health experts explicitly indicate that they no longer see the point. She made these statements on Friday when she arrived in Brussels for the meeting of European health ministers. 

Respiratory viruses 

Darias recalled that with the arrival of winter and associated lower temperatures and more precipitation, vigilance is important. She stated that now is the time for respiratory viruses, flu and bronchitis. She also reiterated the importance of vaccines as a tool in public health care, the awareness of different types of screenings as means of detecting cancer at an early stage, or the strategy with regard to mental health care. 

Cogesa Expats

No more face mask obligation in other countries 

Spain is still the only country that adheres to the mask obligation as described above. Countries such as Portugal and Cyprus scrapped it in August, while Italy said goodbye in September. Germany also abandoned the obligation to wear a mask on aeroplanes and airports in September. 

Consequently, the country is criticised by airlines for this. Cabin crews have difficulty enforcing it as many travellers do not see the point of it and are no longer used to it in their own country. 

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