Iberia airline wants Spain to abolish the facemask obligation

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Spain is the only country where you still have to wear a facemask on public transport, including on Iberia planes. Therefore, the airline’s director has asked the government for “common sense” and urged for this obligation to end.

Juan Cierco did this on Thursday during the presentation of the report of the employers’ association CEOE on tourism and emphasised the fact that Spain is the only country in Europe where this facemask obligation is still in force. Only in Asia is it still mandatory to wear a mask on aeroplanes. “Right now, all scientists in the world, except here, say it is not necessary” to use the mask, he assured. 

Other airlines and travel organisations also want to get rid of facemasks

“It makes no sense to make the use of the mask mandatory on the plane,” agrees the Association of Air Lines (ALA) and the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV). They demand that the Ministry of Health put an end to this measure. And to align the rules in Spain with the rest of the countries in Europe. 

Take the next step “as soon as possible” 

Last Friday, anti-COVID health checks at airports for non-EU tourists were eliminated. Consequently, both airlines and travel agents believe the next step should be taken “as soon as possible”. Namely the lifting of the obligation to use a facemask on the plane. From May it was no longer compulsory elsewhere in Europe. 

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“Unjust and incongruous” 

“After the abolition of these controls to enter Spain, it is even more unjustified and incongruous for the mandatory use of the facemask on the plane to be maintained, especially when it is no longer required in the rest of the EU,” said the president. by ALA Javier Gandara. 

A month ago, the airlines made the same request, after learning that Germany had agreed to abolish it from October 1. 

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