Spain second country in Europe with the most solar energy

by Lorraine Williamson
solar energy

Between now and 2026, nearly 29.3 gigawatts of solar cells will be installed in Spain. This will make Spain the second European country with the most solar energy. Furthermore, it will be enough to provide energy for two thirds of households in Spain. 

According to the forecast report from SolarPower Europe, the European solar energy organisation, Spain will have a total capacity of 48.3 gigawatts (GW) by the end of 2026 with these yet to be installed solar cells. This is an increase of 154% compared to 2021. 

China is at the top of the world ranking and Spain is eighth 

China leads the list of all countries in the world with the highest amount of solar energy. Up to and including 2026, 505.8 GW of additional capacity will be installed in this country. After this year, China will have a total capacity of 814.1 GW. 

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In 2021, 167.8 GW of solar capacity worldwide will be connected to the grid. That is 21% more than in 2020. Of the countries that added the most capacity last year, Spain rose from ninth to eighth place in the world ranking. 

Solar energy for own use is growing year after year 

The segment for own use also continues to grow in Spain. For the first time in Spain’s history, more solar panels were installed on roofs than on the ground last year. No less than 53% of all solar cells are installed for private use. These panels are mainly located on the roofs of shopping centres and houses. 

Spain possibly largest unsubsidised solar energy market 

For example, one of SolarPower Europe’s conclusions on Spain reads: “The main pillar of this development in Spain remains the long-term energy contract (PPA) market. This probably makes the country the largest unsubsidised solar energy market in the world. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as there is currently an amount of 100 GW under development in Spain.” 


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