Spain does not allow ship carrying weapons for Israel to dock in Cartagena

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catamaran sinks off the coast of Cartagena

The Spanish government has decided not to allow the Danish ship ‘Marianne Danica’, which transports explosives to Israel, into the port of Cartagena. The ship was believed to be carrying 30 tons of explosives from India to the Israeli port city of Haifa.

The Ministry of Transport, led by Óscar Puente, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have jointly decided to refuse the request for the stopover in Cartagena. This happened after it became known that the ship was carrying military equipment intended for the Israeli army.

“The government hasn´t approved the application for passage into the port of Cartagena by the ‘Marinne Danica’, a Danish ship. The ship’s cargo, destined for Israel, consists of engines for military missiles,” a government statement said.

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Previous controversy surrounding another ship

This decision follows an earlier controversy surrounding another ship, the ‘Borkum’. This German ship was initially allowed to refuel in the port of Las Palmas and was scheduled to dock in Cartagena on May 17. Human rights groups accused the ship of transporting weapons to Israel. However, the Spanish government has confirmed the destination of the ‘Borkum’ is the Czech Republic, with a stopover in Slovenia.

Decision under pressure from left-wing political parties

The government’s announcement comes after intense pressure from political parties such as Sumar and Podemos. Various human rights organisations also protested against the alleged arms deliveries to Israel. However, the government made it clear that the ‘Borkum’ has all the necessary documentation and permits to dock in Cartagena.

Since October 7, 2023 no arms sales operations to Israel have been authorised, as was confirmed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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