Spain deliverers denounce bizarre demands and condescending customers

by Lorraine Williamson
customer demands

Many people would be very happy if their ordered meal was delivered hot. Or when the washing machine is delivered the next day. Nevertheless, recent rider experiences show that the demands of today’s customers go very far in Spain. 

“After delivering the order, bring the garbage downstairs, but not with the elevator because it belongs to the neighbours”. This is an example of customer demands written when placing an order. Meal delivery driver ‘Fer GP’ from Madrid was the lucky rider to deliver the order to this customer, he Tweeted. 

Customer demands 

This rider previously shared bizarre customer comments out of frustration. According to Fer GP, he and his colleagues are seen as inferior. Furthermore, it seems almost normal that delivery drivers offer an ‘extra service’ in addition to delivering an order. Fer GP is, as he tweeted, filling his bingo card full of bizarre demands. He also likes to share it via Twitter to make people aware of this social problem. 

Shameless behaviour sparks tens of thousands of comments on Twitter in Spain 

The delivery person in question is not an influencer with millions of followers. However, his tweet received more than 35,000 responses. According to this rider, this customer behaviour is the result of online delivery and rating systems coupled with a lack of labour rights at delivery platforms such as Glovo, Deliveroo, and JustEat. 

Cogesa Expats

Twitterers are reacting en masse to the bizarre demands of customers and his example encourages other riders to expose more such examples. For example, an Amazon delivery person in Spain responded that a customer would not allow the delivery person to take her 30-kilogram order upstairs by elevator. After a serious argument, the customer finally reluctantly allowed the use of the elevator. 

Think about text in comment box 

While these types of examples make your jaw drop in embarrassment, they appear to occur more than once. People too easily place an extra requirement in such a comment field and take little or no account of the actual service that a rider or meal delivery person should provide. 

Perhaps unnecessarily, Fer GP explains what the comment field is intended for, namely purely to pass on allergies or an extra direction when an address is difficult to find. 

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