Spain anticipates a remarkable weather change next week

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MADRID – The Spanish Meteorological Agency, Aemet, has reported that a significant weather change is expected in the coming week. Those vacationing on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in the upcoming days are in for pleasant weather.

Up to mid-week, the current anticyclonic conditions, characterised by clear skies, scant rainfall, and a general increase in temperatures across Spain, are expected to continue. This means it will be warmer than usual for this time of year.

Exception in the Northwest

The only exception to this trend is the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, influenced by Atlantic fronts bringing light and scattered rainfall, especially in Galicia. Following the fronts in the north of the peninsula, which have brought heavy rainfall in Galicia, and snow in the Cantabrian Mountains, Central System, and the Pyrenees, a change in weather is on the horizon. Temperatures will remain above the average for this time of year.

“Enjoyable daytime temperatures and mild lows”

The temperature is set to rise further towards the end of the weekend, although the arrival of a new warm front, followed by a cold front, will bring precipitation in Galicia, the northern and central mountain ranges, and the northern plateau. In the rest of the country, people can expect “pleasant daytime temperatures above the average and mild lows”. This is according to Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo.

Temperature rise across the country

For the week beginning November 13, anticyclonic weather will dominate, with a rise in temperatures across almost the entire country. However, the northwest will continue to be influenced by Atlantic fronts, bringing slightly more rainfall in western Galicia. Low clouds and morning fog are expected on the Atlantic side, with predominantly weak southwesterly winds. These will be stronger in the northwest, particularly along the Galician coast.

In the Canary Islands, the wind will be light, blowing from the east and south, with a rise in temperature. There is also the possibility of a ‘calima’ (desert dust in the air).

Cogesa Expats

Meteorologist Cintia Cepero of Meteored notes: “This weather shift could bring us temperatures that are 10 to 13 ºC above the average in some eastern areas. This could lead to very unusual values for the time of year in some regions, possibly breaking some records.”

“Monday will see a rise in temperature along the Mediterranean coast,” she adds. “Beaches will become crowded again, and temperatures will rise above 28 ºC in places like Llíria, Benifaió, Alzira, or Murcia. On Tuesday, the heat will intensify in Murcia and the city of Valencia, where temperatures will nearly reach 30 ºC.”

Canary Islands

“The Canary Islands will also experience a rise in temperature, particularly those islands directly affected by the dry and warm winds from Africa. In Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, temperatures will increase. On Monday, temperatures above 30 ºC are expected in Pájara (Fuerteventura) or Yaiza (Lanzarote). In the south of Gran Canaria, temperatures will also exceed 28 ºC between Sunday and Tuesday,” continues Cepero.

“For now, stable weather will dominate the peninsula until Tuesday. After that, it may start to weaken, giving the fronts a better chance. With these fronts, colder air could arrive, bringing us back to a more seasonal weather pattern,” she concludes.

Frost in the Pyrenees

According to Aemet, the chance of rain in the far north will increase from Thursday onwards, with abundant rainfall expected in the Cantabrian area. Moreover, temperatures will generally fall, with frost in the Pyrenees and isolated in other mountain areas of the northern part of the peninsula.

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