Sophisticated burglary techniques in Spain this summer

by Lorraine Williamson
more sophisticated burglary

MADRID – Despite Spain being one of the safest countries in the world, the figures for theft and burglary in homes are increasing.  

Last year, due to the pandemic, there was a temporary decrease in the number of home burglaries.  

Lifting of mobility restrictions 

However, the lifting of the mobility restrictions means that burglars are more likely to strike again. Also, it is common knowledge that summer is the best time for burglars to strike. As such, they take advantage of the fact that people go on holiday. Therefore, this makes it easier for them to break into houses to steal.  

Burglars can open locks in various ways. They not only use ancient techniques like lockpicking but also modern ways. Moreover, the techniques they use change every year, this year ‘impressioning’ and ‘bumping’ are popular. 


The most widely used technique has always been to pick locks. But now they are much more sophisticated. Impressioning is a technique that leaves no trace, is silent and invisible. According to news website Huffpost, ‘burglars insert a metal foil into the lock to make a mould. And then make an unauthorised copy of the access key’. This method takes time and patience. But by repeatedly trying and filing further, a suitable key is eventually created. The method works on almost all cylinders. However, the more stars your cylinder has, the harder it is to open with impressioning and the longer it takes.  


The second new technique, bumping, is slightly less discreet. With this method, the burglars insert a knock-key into the lock while hitting it with a hammer. This makes the pistons of the door jump, after which the key turns and the door opens without a hitch. According to the Spanish police, the ‘bumping’ technique is increasingly used by criminal gangs. However, in Madrid recently, a gang specialising in this technique was dismantled. 

Do’s and don’ts to help prevent burglary

Therefore, at this time of year, the message from the authorities is always the same. Don’t give any hints that you are on holiday. Do not give burglars hints via social media, which are a good source of information for burglars. We unconsciously post a picture without realising this can be very expensive.  Among our followers, there could be a daring thief who is watching us from afar. Consequently, ask someone from the family or a neighbour to look in from time to time to ensure everything is safe. 


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