Watch out in Spain for burglars who mark your door with glue threads

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glue threads

ALICANTE – Eight people have been arrested in Alicante for violent theft in homes. The eight were members of a specialised organisation that committed burglaries throughout the province of Alicante. They applied the ‘glue wire method’ for this.

The eight inmates marked the homes of their choice with thin, unobtrusive threads of glue on the frames of the entrance doors. Moreover, the Spanish police speak of the ‘glue wire method’. They refer to the practice that when the owner is home and goes outside, the wire breaks and the thieves know the house is occupied. If the wire remains intact, they can conclude that the house is empty. Consequently, based on this, the burglars determined the ideal time to strike. Furthermore, seven of them were of Georgian nationality and one was of Slovak nationality.

Looking for jewelry and tools

The police were able to solve fifteen home burglaries in the province with this operation. Their Agents could also register different homes and a jewellery store. The criminals used this store to dispose of the stolen products. In addition, the inspectors carried out various checks in gold shops. They found that the thieves were mainly looking for jewellery and tools to use in their burglaries.

Marking doors with glue threads

The gang was highly organised and structured on several levels. On the one hand, there were those responsible for selecting and locating the houses. To this end, they travelled through several cities in the province. Other members of the gang then “marked” the doors with threads of glue at dawn. The next day they could see if the home was actively occupied or if the owners were absent for an extended period.

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